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I Just Finished - Unexpectedly Grieving.

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message 1: by L'aura (new)

L'aura I just finished Allegiant and I'm surprised at my feeling of loss! I read fairly steadily through the first two, then got a little bored with Allegiant - I didn't like the swap between Tris and Tobias' perspectives and kinda of wanted the story to wrap up. Then, this morning I read the last several chapters in a rush and spent the rest of the day unreasonably sad! I have to give Veronica credit, initially I didn't want to hear from Tobias, but as the story progressed I started appreciating it more - the author gave him more emotion, he became more relatable while Tris became more black and white so when she left it was bearable and it was Tobias's loss that stuck and my grieving is over the end of Tobias's story. It's a good marketing ploy, I'm inclined to purchase the Tobias stories.

Tiffany M. I definitely hated the switch between Tobias and Tris. It had me completely confused for a while. I definitely struggle with switches in points of view. However, by the time I got to the ending. I was completely confused. I had no idea how to process the ending of the book. Except by crying. I had become attached to Tris throughout the series, and when the ending occurred and she was no longer there it was like a void. Then, Tobias' view made me even more hurt because of his loss. Yeah, the ending of Allegiant was definitely unexpected, and although it wasn't the ending I wanted; I still liked it.

Ilana see, i've found that a lot of authors do this now - Marie Lu in the Legend series does it and there it works. i think that since this series didn't start like that, it was a bit to adjust to. i think that it was good though, since there was a lot going on that you really needed to get both sides of the story to understand the flow.

i had a major sense of loss since the ending was not at all what i was hoping for.

Veronica i always liked the alternating pov. it shows other dimensions too.
i cried a lot?! i journed with tris all these time and really got to know her. her demise is shocking, heartless and unnecessary.
i get angry when ppl say tris death is necessary to her growth as a developed character. that is total BS. also tris death did nothing significant so i just lost a good character.
i am hoping that next book of ms roth will be as good as book 1 and 2.

KimeyDiann The grief that Tobias felt was really what got to me too. I was sad that Tris died, but going through that loss with Tobias ripped my heart out. I guess I'm more of a "weep not for the departed, but for those left behind" kind of person.

Veronica Kim wrote: "The grief that Tobias felt was really what got to me too. I was sad that Tris died, but going through that loss with Tobias ripped my heart out. I guess I'm more of a "weep not for the departed, bu..."

true. i am not thinking about tobias. poor guy, he messed up in this book. now he would never be able to make up for it.

Laura I just finished allegiant and all i can say id it destroyed me...........*cry*

Mari I knew how Allegiant would end before I even got started on Insurgent(thanks to some friend of mine who loves to spoil).
The perspective change got me confused at some point as with many of you, it really took me the whole book to finally get used to it. When I read I like to imagine things and when Tobias's POV came on, my mind was still on Tris. I had to remind myself constantly whose POV I was reading.
And since I knew the ending of the book, I was so scared to finish it that I stopped when I had about 100 pages left. When I finally did finish it, I didn't cry but I was pretty much depressed all day. I have to give Veronica Roth credit though. This series might have its flaws, but it was beautifully written and I loved how Tris's and Four's relationship developed. And also even though I hated that Tris had to die, it kind of make sense. The author might have wanted to show us she's not all-powerful, which I appreciated.

message 9: by Lev (new) - rated it 2 stars

Lev I hated Allegiant because I felt like it was the worst book in the series. The transitioning between the characters was just so bad that I became so confused multiple time about who I was reading about.

Lesley Book Lover The first book was good, the second book wasn't as good as the first, as I thought it dragged a little.Then I read the third book, as I was determined to see how it ended, hoping the world would be a better place for them to live in but then there was more deaths, I just can't understand why Tris had to die. I know people die in wars, but Tris should have lived to see what she had fought for. I was really disappointed, and upset, I don't like bad endings.

Madalena Pereiro Having the oportunity to see Tobias perspective of what was happening is one of the things that i enjoyed the most in the third book because we saw how Four felt about Tris and his family and we get to see a more emocional and sincere part of him. I'm just curious to know if anyone got the ideia that the relationship between Christina and Tobias could go further than just friends!!! I just hope that is just me dramatizing, i know Four is still young but it is just hard for me, after everything...well, AM I THE ONLY ONE??

Tilly Wheatley I was devastated when Tris died and it was a big shock, I kept expecting her to somehow come back to life, however, it kinda made sense that she was with her parents so in some ways it was a happy ending apart from the fact that it was still horrifically sad and Tobias was heartbroken too....

message 13: by K (new) - rated it 4 stars

K Cloud I was very unhappy about the ending.

janet i was't asking for a happy ending i just wanted everyone to live is that to much to ask?!?!?!?!

Ashley moore I thought the ending was very sad but as people ay it was just meant to be. from the very beginning I thought it was either caleb or tris who died. I guess I was right, but the whole switching perspectives thing really confused me big time. but it started making sense after tris died. cause we got to see a whole nother side of four. maybe he wouldn't have went down the zipline if tris hadn't died. he would have never overcame his fear without her.i started crying and couldn't stop. I went to school the next day with my eyes all puffy and red from crying so much.

Rubster I was quite upset at the end. But that's how it was.

message 17: by K.L. (new) - rated it 4 stars

K.L. Parry I finished reading Allegiant this evening at work. Thank God the bar was dead because I cried like a baby - red nose from using bar napkins to blow into. Veronica, I love you and hate you for ripping my heart out. What a story teller!

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