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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments Hey.

Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments It'll be nice to be detailed. [=

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments Yep so since I'm busy with Rps right now is ok if I put down my character then put some basics on her then finish her?

Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments I don't mind. I tend to use the other persons profile as a guideline so I give them what they give me. Lol. So I'll make my guy right after you post yours if that's okay? [=

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments That's fine

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments ||❀||Fιяѕт Nαмє||❀|| Reagan

||❀||Mι∂∂ℓє Nαмє||❀|| Aaliyah

||❀||Lαѕт Nαмє||❀|| Marcus

||❀||Nιcкηαмє||❀|| Lilly

||❀||Agє||❀|| 17

||❀||Dαтє Oƒ Bιятн||❀|| 12-25-3007

||❀||Pℓαcє Oƒ Bιятн||❀|| A cabin in the words hiding from the rebels

||❀||Tιмє Oƒ Bιятн||❀|| 12:00am

||❀||Gєη∂єя||❀|| Female

||❀||Sєχυαℓιту||❀|| Straight

||❀||Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ||❀|| open

||❀||Cяυѕн||❀|| Open

||❀||Sρєcιєѕ||❀|| human/perfect



||❀||Fυℓℓ Pнуѕιcαℓ Dєѕcяιρтιση||❀||

||❀||Dяєѕѕιηg Sтуℓє||❀||















Under construction

Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments {Full Name}: Zachariah Luke Jackson

{Nickname}: Zach, Jacky

{Age}: 18 yo

{Date of Birth}: 1/31/3006

{Place of Birth}: Perfect Hospital

{Time of Birth}: 11:59 p.m.

{Gender}: Male

{Sexuality}: Straight

{Relationship Status}: Open. No crushes.

{Species}: Perfect

{Powers}: Heightened senses, Sensory deprivation.


{ Paragraph Description}: Luke stands at 6'2" weighing 235 lbs that is all muscle. He keeps his naturally dark brown hair short, spiked, and tipped with a light blonde that makes his eyes brighter. His eyes, dependant on his mood, can be blue or green. Due to constant running through the woods he has a perfect tan.

{Dressing Style}: Luke likes to wear baggy shirts, torn jeans, and tennis shoes.

{Personality}: Luke is a bit different then other perfects. His powers have made him appreciate his how lucky he has been not to be deprived. Though many are more social he prefers to be alone due to his tendency to be very blunt and say how he feels. The few friends he has he cares for and drops everything if they're in trouble.


[Grandfather] Anne Marie Jackson - deceased
[Grandmother] Maximillus Luke Jackson - decreased
[Father] James Luke Jackson - deceased
[Mother] Madeline Jasmine Jackson -deceased
[Siblings] None
[Spouse] None
[Children] None
General, his cat-

{Likes}: The color blue, animals, coffee, books.

{Dislikes}: The color red, juice, magazines, loud noises.

{Religion}: Unitarian.

Keiji Ayame Sinclair -

Aki Ichiro Sinclair -


Jean Michael Myles -

{Residence}: A small home on the edge of town. -

{Occupation}: Veterinarian/ Interrogator (when the higher ups require his cooperation)

{Strengths}: Lotalty, hand to hand combat, his knowledge of animals

{Weakenesses}: fear of losing one of his senses, ranged combat, his want to help less fortunate.

{History}: Luke was born the only child to Maximillus and Madeline Jackson. At 10 he met Aki and Keiji Sinclair, who have become his best friends. When he was 13 he got General as a present from his mother and father. When he was 16 he met Jean Myles who had tried to get with Keiji. At this Keiji told Jean that she was in love with Luke and she was sorry she couldn't return his feelings. Maximillus, a respected Perfect, died in an accident when Luke was 17 and his mother, heart sick, a few months after. Since then Luke has withdrawn from many social obligations hating the sympathetic glances he would get. Instead he opened a veterinarian clinic and spent more time helping animals and answering summons then mingling with people. The obly friends who stuck with him after that were Aki and Keiji.

Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments (Sorry that took so long.)

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments ((That's fine))

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments (Would you like to start or shall I?)

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments ((Can you?))

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments (Sure.)

Luke leveled his breathing he easily jumped over a fallen log. He a hefty inhale Luke could smell the moss, a wetter scent than and log, and hear the crunch of leaves as he tumbled rolling back into running effortlessly. In all reality he supposed he could go to one of those shops to keep up his phyisque but they lacked the exertion that he loved. His form was covered with a faded 'Tom petty and the heartbreakers' t shirt and jeans that had seen better times. Toes squished into the dirt and he relished the feel of mud between his toes. The smell of rain was still hefty in the air as he glanced at the HealthCom all Perfects got at birth. His pulse had just hit 250 and the line had gotten orange in warning of overexertion. With a sigh he stopped and unclipped the water bottle from his waistband. Leaning against a trunk he resisted his bodies urge to guzzle gluttonously and sipped the cooling liquid. Pouring some onto his hand he cooled his skin with a smile.
To not be able to taste or feel this water...he shuddered at the thought. Green eyes looked up at the sun to tell the time even though his HealthCom could tell him. It had taken him about two hours to get his pulse up high enough where he was actually burning fat. His brows knitted. No, the correct term was calories. At least according to what he read.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments ((Thanks))

Reagan was running through the woods. The woods that has the cabin for the humans. She didn't look behind her or in front of her afraid of the coming upon the Perfects. She took steady breaths. She had to get this food to her brother. She only had him left after her parents were turned into Perfects.

She saw a Perfect. She stumbled along to a stop. She hid behind the tree. She has to get to her brother

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments (No problem. For some reason I can't get 'The Host' feel out of my head. Lol)

The scent hit him hard. Overcoming the shock relatively quickly he frowned. It just wasn't possible, right? His back went ramrod straight. Calmly he went through everything he'd been taught about them. Humans. The perfects less evolved cousin. Animalistic. They were supposed to be extinct, but as an interrogator he knew small patches of them still dwelled in the reserves or wild forests like the one he ran everyday. He only had two choices then.
"I know you're out there. Come out peacefully." he stated. There must be a abandoned building he didn't know about that human sympathizers left food at sometimes or something, he thought staying still as he smelled yeast from the bread they had.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments ((I wasn't thinking of the host))

She didn't come out. She knew they thought humans were animals. She wasn't an animal. She looked at him through the tree as best as she could. She needed to get to the cabin. She had to options run and lead him to her brother or turn herself in. She didn't like either. She didn't want to be a Perfect. She didn't want anything to do with a perfect. She ran down the ridge leading him away from the cabin.

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments (Must just be me than.)

Luke cursed under his breath. Law required he give chase but he wasn't sure he wanted to. Indecision darkened his eyes before he growled and darted after. He'd go home and feed General something extra special for being late. It wouldn't take long to catch up with the human. If he could touch them he could blind them momentarily to catch them off guard. That way they wouldn't be hurt as bad as tackling them. With that thought his conscience lightened its crushing of his throat. He'd still hate what he had to do but it wouldn't weigh on him as hard. Within a couple minutes he could catch glimpses of the human.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments She was running fast. Before she slipped in some mud. She fell and got covered in dirt. She jumped up afraid of what will happen next. She kept running. She jumped into the river and started to swim. She hope she could get pass the perfect.

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments Luke heard her splash into the river. Cursing he ran along the riverbank. The rocks pricked his feet as his feet slammed down into the river bank.
"Miss! Please don't cause yourself harm trying to escape." he called as he slipped into the water and caught her ankle. His first reaction was to steal a sense at the cost of his own but he stopped himself as he secured his grip.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments "Please just let me go." She asked. She was struggling. She screamed loud enough for her brother to know what was happening. She didn't want to worry him at all. She needed to protect him.

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments Luke dragged her to the river bank moving his grip to her arm. How badly he did want to do just that but he couldn't. "I'm sorry, miss. I truly am." The HealthCom, he knew, dual served as a recording mechanism that served for this exact purpose. You never let humans go. He wrapped his arms around her to restrain her as she stood. Luke resisted the urge to rub his ears that rung from her screams.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments She stopped screaming. "I'm not going to become one of you." She said standing her ground. She was nervous. She knew what came next after you get caught they knock you out with a cloth and she forgot what else. But she saw it done. She failed her brother.

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments "It'll be better in the end. Mamy human perfects grow very fond of our lifestyles." he said like a script as he produced a cloth from his pockets. 'Carry the SleepingDrug on you always. I had a friend who didn't and had to let a human go because he had no way to restrain it. I haven't seen him in a while.' Keiji's voice weedled into his mind. "Forgive me." he whispered as he placed the cloth against her nose and mouth.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments She wanted to scream. She soon grew very tired. Her eyes drooped. She collapsed into his arms. Her body went limp. She was out cold. She just slept soundly.

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments Luke caught her easily and cradled her against his chest as he walked. With a frown he thought of her unnecessary screams unless they weren't unnecessary. Could he defy the laws and bring food to whoever she called? He shook his head as walked into town. They wouldn't trust a perfect. Whoever it was wpuld know she'd been captured as well. With a defeated grunt he walked to the Dome soggy clothed and feet stinging like mad. "Where is your authoritative figure?" he asked one of the perfects by the door.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments "They are working on another case right now." They said. She snuggled into him. She was a goner for sure. She didn't know what would happen. She had to protect him no matter what.

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments Luke winced inwardly. "So I must watch her then til this case is done?" he asked the disbelief barely hid. He could NOT watch a human. Keep your pulse low, his rational mind whispered as he took a deep breath.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments "Yes then after she is change she will be put in you care for her to adjust to her new life." The person said.

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments (I have to go for tonight. I'll be on tomorrow. Good night [=)

Lukes hands tightened on the girl to hide his outrage. He bowed stiffly. "As they wish. Please let me know when are ready." he turned. After a while he made his way back to his home. With a shift he managed to open the door and close it behind him. No sooner had he then General came meowing his disluke at being kept waiting for the canned food that always came when he got home. "Give a moment, General." he said as he laid the girl on the couch. After a second he covered her with the throw that laid over the back of it. General meowed impatiently as Luke laughed. "Yes, yes I am coming General." he moved into the kitchen dishing out a can of food that General ate greedily. Luke sighed as he sat in the chair. He was going to be dealing with hell when this human female woke.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments She moaned a bit. She started to move around more and more showing that she is waking up. She will need to be knocked out again. She still hasn't waken up completely. All she knew was her brother was safe. The ouch Wes comfy. Her eyes were still squeezed shut. She couldn't quite open them yet.

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments He rubbed his face cursing his luck. Luke wondered how long he would have to watch this female. As she moved about and groaned he grabbed some more of the drug from a shelf and poured it over the rag. This wasn't right, he thought as General meowed loudly this time sitting on the girls stomach. His eyes looked judging as Luke placed the cloth over her nose and mouth. "General if I could change the rules I would." he stated loudly.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments She started to struggle again. She stopped. Her body went limp as the drug got into her. She was tired again as sleep came over her. The government called him telling him he can bring her in now. She will be changed right away. She was knocked out cold for now and will stay that way until after the change.

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments Luke sighed as General protested to him picking up the female. "I'm sorry I don't even know your name, but you'll be in very good hands." he whispered more to squash his doubts than comforr her. He walked slower the second time his feet fetting heavier with every atep towards the Dome. It was ironic that the sun shone brightly instead of hid behind clouds that were passing by as he approached the Dome. "When do I need to pick her up or will she be dropped off?" he asked tone not giving any hint to the tides of doubt in his mind.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments She was handed to the people. "Stay in the waiting room." They took her and set her down. They injected needles in her. She was giving a memory serum to erase everything. Soon the change started. They would put in the Health com in last. She didn't move. She couldn't remember anything at all. She was so confused. They programmed her the way they wanted her to listen.

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments Luke sat in the seat leaning forward, lower arms on his knees. He hated the brightness of this place. It pierced through his eyelids stinging and unforgiving. Luke kept his head down rubbing his face as he felt for his phone. Of course he'd left it on the entry way table for his morning run. Along with his wallet. He'd have to make a pitstop then so she could at least have clothes. He'd leave some food by the river each morning as well to soothe his sense of guilt.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments "She's done." They said. "She'll wake up soon."She tossed and turned. She opened her eyes. "Where am I?" She asked. "Who am I?" She looked around. "Who are you?" Looking at Luke.

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments Luke looked up, eyes a dark blue instead of their usual green. "You've been reborn." he said as if reading from a script. His words held no emotion feeling more has something he had to say. "As to who you are you get to decide. I'm only a friend along the way. My name is Luke." he stood stiffly still in his soggy clothes. "What wpuld you like your name to be?" he asked as he placed a hand lightly on her arm and gave a gentle push towards the door.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments She was really confused. She looked around. She nodded her head. She didn't remember anything. "My name will be......" She looked at him. "What do I look like to you." She asked. "I dont

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments Luke chuckled eyes lightening. "To be honest you look like a female. I have been wrong before though." he stated confusion flashing in his eyes. Was it like this for all human perfects? Did they never recover who they were? How was that right?

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments "I know that but name wise." She asked. "Did I say something wrong." She looked at him. "I'm very confused." She didn't know what but something felt different and wrong. Her heart was pumping too fast. She slow down. "I'm sorry I feel very different and I don't know anything."

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments Luke shook his head placing a mask of carefree ease on his features. "No, no. I should be apologzing. I tend to overthink things. I realize what you were asking was a name till you come across your own" he thought for a moment. "How about Lilly for the time being? They are resilient and innocent looking like you." He said in a suggestive tone.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments She smiled at him. She looked at him. "Will I remember myself?" She whispered to him. She was so confused looking at him. "Thanks for being so kind to me." She said with a smile. She walked with him. She felt like this was a time to stop being confused.

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments "I can only hope. Tell you what. I'll cook you something to eat once we get to the house." he said relaxing as they walked. As they entered the house General meowed impatiently at the door curling between their legs as they entered.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments She nodded her head. "Hi do I know him?" She asked. She looked at the General. She didn't remember him. She smiled at him. "My name is Lilly." She said.

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments "This is General, my roommate who demands attention. I don't believe you guys have met." he said as General meowed arching his back under Lukes administrative pets with a purr. Luke closed the door behind him as he walked up the stairs stripping off his shirt. "I'll be right down. Need to change before these stink." he called.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments She nodded her head. She pet his the cat. "Hi there." She smiled down at the cat. She was so very confused. What happened and how did she end up where she was. She looked around her new surroundings. She was nervous this place made her uneasy.

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments General licked and nipped lightly at her finger tips. Luke came down in sweats and a t shirt advertising another band. "If you have any questions you can ask me. I'll answer them to the best of my ability." he said as he brought out a pot he filled with water. Luke added pasta as he opened a can of cat food causing General to dart onto the counter.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments She laughed at the cat. She smiled down at it. "Yeah why don't I remember anything." She whispered.

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Genocidalcreeper | 220 comments "I'm not sure why. Maybe something to do with the process from human to perfect. Only the scientists themselves know." he said doubt wriggling into his voice as he petted General.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments "Do you remember anything from your life?" She asked. She looked around. "What's a human?" She asked another question in a row. "All I know is that they are dangerous." She said. Her eyes flashing with the health com giving her info.

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Cheyenne | 5047 comments ((Tomorrow not going to be on that much have assembly and pep Assembly the same day so and I have tests to study for))

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