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message 1: by Aaron W. (new)

Aaron W. Miller (amill016) | 12 comments In response to the perceived need for a stronger source of editing services among the indie publishing community, The Free Collective has started a free peer editing service for indie authors. In exchange for editing another author's manuscript, you can get your manuscript edited for free. This is an excellent way for you to get your manuscript looked at by other sets of eyes and will strengthen your own writing skills. Find out more at

message 2: by J.A. (new)

J.A. Ironside (julesanneironside) | 653 comments Mod
Looks interesting, Aaron. And definitely a good way for those of us on a shoe string budget. Thanks for sharing the link.

message 3: by Aaron W. (new)

Aaron W. Miller (amill016) | 12 comments Sure. Finding good editing is so difficult still with indie publishing. In scientific publishing, the scientists are also effectively the editors, which is also a "free" service offered so other scientists will review their own papers.

message 4: by Dave (new)

Dave (dcr_writes) | 114 comments Interesting link, I may try it, but I'm concerned with the high priority they give to cover and synopsis in the guidelines.

I don't disagree with their importance, but personally, I wouldn't worry about the cover, and especially the synopsis until after I had the edits back. I want the manuscript as polished as possible, first. Besides, the editorial notes might suggest a scene that would make the perfect cover.

Still, once I'm ready, I'll definitely think about it.



message 5: by Jay (new)

Jay Naen (Jay214) | 4 comments It definitely looks interesting though I'm with Dave about not being to that stage yet.

Are you involved in advertising this new service? If so, I'd encourage getting in touch with people who are a part of Critique Circle. The great flaw in an otherwise wonderful system is it takes months to get your book fully reviewed because you can really only post one chapter a week. I'm sure there are others who would be interested in this exchange idea.

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