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Alex walks into the cafeteria. She looks around for a place to sit. She finds an empty table near the back where she drops her bag before getting on the lunch line. She waits in line, subconsciously fixing her red dress. Once it's her turn, she grabs a plate of chicken and walks back to her table.

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Bea scanned the room. Everyone was grouping themselves by factions pretty much. There were a few stragglers here and there, but not many. She turned to where a bunch of Abnegation where sitting. She didn't want to join them. They were dull and boring. No fun, no fun at all.

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Alex looks up and sees and abnegation girl standing there, looking confused. She waves her hand. "You can sit here if you want." Lex says. She's trying to be a good amity, for once. Usually she just tells everyone the truth about how they look, eat, talk. But today she decided she should try and be nice.

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Bea bit her lip. She didn't know how she felt about going to sit with someone from Amity. They were always too bubbly for her taste, but she was stuck... Without hesitating much more, she slunk over to the table where the girl was sitting. Surly people from Amity couldn't be that bead.

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"Hi I'm Alex." She says. She can tell the girl doesn't care for the amity personality. ill just skip the whole amity act. she thinks to herself. Really, Alex doesn't blame the girl for not liking amity. That is the girl does in fact no like amity.

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"Erm, Bea, just Bea." She slid into a spot across from her and began to slowly unpack her lunch. She did it slowly, but not too slow. It was all like a big ceremony. The unpacking of the lunch box. Bea did it so she would not draw too much attention to herself. No matter how bad she wanted to get out of Abnegation, she would put up with their ways. At least for just a little bit more.

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"So I'm gonna be frank. I think the amity are a bunch of idiots for being so calm and kind constantly. You're abnegation do you won't tell anyone I said that, right?" Alex asks. This girl, sorry bea, is just sitting there. Couldn't she do something?

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Bea raised her eyebrows at the girl's sudden outburst. Looks like someone wants to be Candor. She thought to herself. After a few more seconds of pause, Bea finally decided to say something. "That's nice." Was all she managed to get out. Pitiful.

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Wow. Alex tries to start a concersation but this stiff just won't talk. well what did you expect? her subconscious asks. Stupid subconscious. Why do you have to be so smart?

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"I won't tell anyone." She promised, after realizing she missed a step. Bea didn't like keeping secrets. She had enough of her own, and they all already made her want to pop. But this girl did wave her over and allow her a place to sit. Keeping that secret was the least she could do.

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"Good and if you do I might have to kill you." Alex looks so serious while saying this that you would think she's a serial killer. She grabs her fork and starts eating her chicken. eww this is nasty says her subconscious.

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Bea shrugged then picked up her plain sandwich. "Good luck with that." She said before taking a big bite. The food was plain, but she had long since gotten used to that. Abnegation had the plainest food of all the five factions.

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"Thank you. Although luck would be unnecessary. I'm way strong." Alex then proceed to flex her muscles. Surprisingly they actually are quite big.

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Bea shot her the 'seriosly?' look. Looks like I met someone not cut out for Abnegation... She thought to herself. Saying that your muscles were way strong was like self indulgence.

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Alex can tell that bea wouldn't do this stuff. What stuff would? But she was candor and dauntless for a reason. "We'll I need to go in like ten minutes so are you going to says anything before I leave?" Alex asks.

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Bea shrugged. "I don't know what to say. It's not like I talk to Amity very often..." She admitted. The only people Bea actually spoke to where others from Abnegation. Actually, now that she thought about it, she didn't actually talk to many people from Abnegation...

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"Well pretend my clothes are grey. Oh and baggy. Now talk." Alex says. She always wondered how people could be so quiet.

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Bea felt an offended look cross her face. Baggy? Not everyone's clothes here were baggy... Her brother didn't wear baggy clothes. At least, she thought he didn't... Who knew what he had in his closet?

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"Woah hold up. That was just an observation. Not trying to be mean. I've just noticed alot of stuff girls wearing baggy clothes." Alex says, trying halfheartedly to amend her statement.

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Bea sighed. "Whatever." She managed. Some girls did wear baggy clothes, but they were no different than what someone from Erudite would wear. The only difference was the color.

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"Still not hearing anything. An I'm going to be late if I don't leave in five minutes. Anything you wanna say?" Really how hard is it to spot out one sentence. Goodness.

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"I just said 'Whatever.' Are you deaf?" Bea knew she shouldn't let this girl get to her, but she was so... Erg. She made Bea want to...

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"Ok fine. You could really maybe have a conversation. But I guess not. I need to go. Bye." At that Alex gets up, grabs her stuff, and walks away.

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"Okay then." Bea said. She gathered the rest of her belongings and stuffed them in a bag. Amity She thought to herself before walking away.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 82 comments Ryan bursts into the room, panting. He hears faint shouting outside. He looks behind him to make sure Deen gets in. The lunch ladies were giving them weird looks, but he ignored them.

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Deen runs into the cafeteria slightly winded. He stops next to Ryan and just stand there for a minute. "You ok?" He asks.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 82 comments "Yeah, I'm fine, you?" He reponded. The lunch ladies are back to their regular work.

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"I'm good." He says. "Aren't the dauntless supposed to be a little tougher? I'm not complaining but that was a little too easy." He says. He's getting suspicious now.

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((Deen has left))

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