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Why hello there. So I'm the guy right?

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments Yep

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Cool so characters now?

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments Yep

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Sweet, could you go first please?

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments Simple or detail?

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Whatever you want. I can do both

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments I'll do detail one but I'll put under construction so we can start I kinda in the middle of writing a review and will finish the character up afterwards

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Okay fine by me

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments Name: Reagan Aahliyah Jones

||∞||Fιяѕт Nαмє||∞|| Reagan

||∞||Mι∂∂ℓє Nαмє||∞|| Aahilyah

||∞||Lαѕт Nαмє||∞|| Marcus

||∞||Nιcкηαмє||∞|| Lilly

||∞||Rєαѕση Bєнιη∂ Tнє Nιcкηαмє||∞|| Her name middle name is too long and she is tom boy so they make fun her by that.

||∞||Nιcкηαмє Rαтιηg||∞|| 5

|∳|∰|∳|Agє|∳|∰|∳| 17

|∳|∰|∳|Dαтє Oƒ Bιятн|∳|∰|∳| 12-25-3007

|∳|∰|∳|Pℓαcє Oƒ Bιятн|∳|∰|∳| A cold snowy cabin in the forest

|∳|∰|∳|Tιмє Oƒ Bιятн|∳|∰|∳| 12:00 am

||∞||Gєη∂єя||∞|| Female

||∞||Sєχυαℓιту||∞|| Straight

|∳|∰|∳|Cяυѕн|∳|∰|∳| Open

|∳|∰|∳|Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ|∳|∰|∳| Open

||∞||Sρєcιєѕ||∞|| Human then perfect


||∞||Mєαηιηg Oƒ Pσωєяѕ||∞||

|∳|∰|∳|Ŧคςє ςlคเ๓|∳|∰|∳|


|∳|∰|∳|Bσ∂у Bυιℓ∂|∳|∰|∳|



|∳|∰|∳|Eує Cσℓσυя|∳|∰|∳|

|∳|∰|∳|Hαιя Cσℓσυя|∳|∰|∳|



|∳|∰|∳|Bєѕт Qυαℓιтιєѕ|∳|∰|∳|

|∳|∰|∳|Wσяѕт Qυαℓιтιєѕ|∳|∰|∳|

|∳|∰|∳|Wαℓкιηg Sтуℓє|∳|∰|∳|

|∳|∰|∳|Eχтяα Eχтяємιтιєѕ|∳|∰|∳|

|∳|∰|∳|Sιgηιƒιcαηт Mєαηιηg|∳|∰|∳|

||∞||Dяєѕѕιηg Sтуℓє||∞||




























Under a Construction

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First Name: Jeremiah
Middle Name: Unknown
Last Name: Johnson
Nickname(s): Pilgrim

Age: 36
Gender: Male/Masculine
Height: 5'11"
Personality: too be roleplayed
Job: King



Family: unknown

Other: N/A

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments So can you start?

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Yes his age is supposed to be 18, got a mix up in my plots. Sorry about that.
Jeremiah Johnson walked the streets, it was just starting to get late and darkness was taking over the daylight. Snow fell all around him as he walked, his leather boots crunching every time they touched the snow under his feet. A train whistle sounded from somewhere nearby, but he honestly didn't mind. He was used to it by then, it didn't even bother him at all after living in this city for so long.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments Reagan was walking very slow. She didn't want to get caught. She came upon a boy. She froze. A Perfect. She was super nervous. She stayed still and didn't move hoping he will go.

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Looking over Jeremiah caught sight of a girl. He grinned at her, "well hello there." He purred sweetly, "don't worry. I won't hurt you." He held out his hand for her expecting her not to take it.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments "I don't trust your kind." She said. She glared at him. She was not going to trust him at all. She stared. She knew he was going to take her to dome. She darted down the alley way to get away. She thought and hoped she was safe from becoming one of them.

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"I'm not like them," Jeremiah followed her. "I don't like what they do to humans," he was a great liar and he knew this. "I won't hurt you, I swear."

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments She looked at him. She believed him. "Ok." She whispered. Deep down inside she wanted to trust them. She let her guard down.

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Jeremiah offered her his hand. "What's your name?" He asked her a smile on his lips. He blinked warmly at her, she had believed him.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments "Reagan." She whispered looking at her. She smiled softly at him. Maybe he was different. She didn't know or could sense he was lying. She let all of her senses down.

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"I'm Jeremiah," he introduced himself. "May I ask what your doing out here all alone? I bet your cold," he smiled warmly. "Would you like to come to my home and get warm?"

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments "None of your business." She said. She looked at him. "I have to go before you take me to the dome." She darted away from him. She wasn't going anywhere without a fight.

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Jeremiah placed his hand over his heart acting hurt. "I'd never do that, you can trust me." He smiled, "I don't like what the government does to the humans. In fact, I hate it and I would never want to be responsible for having a human be changed."

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments "Your lying." She said. She glared at him. "If you want me you have to catch me and take me." She said. She got up and ran. She couldn't run as fast them. She was going tot get caught for sure now.

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Jeremiah ground his teeth and took off after her. He caught up to her after about thirty seconds and caught her wrist just to trip her and make her fall to the ground. "Sorry, sweetheart." He taunted and held her down with his knee on her back. "Guess you weren't fast enough."

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments She wasn't going to cry. She knew this was going to happen. She sighed. She held back the tears. She was going to be different now. Who will care for her little brother."Please my little brother." She said

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"Oh do you want us to find him too?" Jeremiah smiled evilly as he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a bottle of chloroform and a handkerchief. He wet the handkerchief and placed it over her mouth and nose while he continued to hold her down.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments "No I'm all he has left." She whispered. She had to fight it but couldn't. Sleep came over her. She closed her eyes. Her body went limp. She was out cold.

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"That's too bad," he smiled and picked her up carrying her to the dome where the change would take place. The chloroform had knocked her out cold.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments She kept thinking of her brother. She was so tired. She didn't sleep much. She laid there limply. She lost her parents. She promised to protect him. She failed.

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The doctor took her, Jeremiah got the chance to watch. And he took it, he followed the doctor into the room where Reagan would be changed.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments She felt her being laying down. She felt tons of needles going into her. She felt her memory go. They placed her into a shell. A bright light came out of it repeatedly changing her.

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Jeremiah watched. He remembered what it was like in great detail, but it was the best thing that ever happened to him. A smile played on his lips as the change occurred.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments She couldn't remember her brother now. Her memory was blank. They started programming her. Her eyes opened for this process. They programmed her. She then closed her eyes. They put the power source in her.

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Watching with great interest Jeremiah recalled it all, everything he remembered from the change, everything that happened afterward. He smiled wider, the change was amazing. He didn't even know why she would try to resist when it was such a good thing.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments The changed was completed."You will help her adjust as to her new life." They said. She was a Perfect now. "She'll wake up in a few minutes" they informed him.

((Here's what she looks like

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"Oh yes I will," Jeremiah nodded. She changed so much, she was a lot cuter now. He waited for her to wake up with his hands folded in front of him.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments She woke up confused. She looked at a guy. "Who are you?" She asked. She looked up at him and tried to study him. She was so confused. "Who am i?" She asked.

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"My name is Jeremiah Johnson," he smiled at her and offered her his hand to help her up. "And you are Reagan, of course you could always change your name if you prefer."

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments She looked at him. Change her name. "What do you think?" She asked. "Do I look like a Reagan?" She asked.

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"Do you want the truth?" Jeremiah asked her, his smile widening.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments "Yeah?" She asked. She looked at him batty her eyes at him.

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"Honestly, you don't really look like a Reagan to me." Jeremiah shrugged, "but that's just my opinion." He winked at her, acknowledging her batting of the eyes.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments She blushed. "Then who do I look then?" She asked.

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Jeremiah racked his brain for a moment. "Maybe a Kacie," he shrugged. "Or a Alexus." He watched her face redden, "but you can be whoever you want to be."

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments She thought for a moment. "How about Ahailyah?" She asked. She looked at him with a big smile

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He snapped his fingers and pointed at her. "Perfect," Jeremiah smiled.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments She smiled at him. She couldn't help but laugh a little.

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"Are you ready to go then?" Jeremiah asked offering her his hand, a smile on his face.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments "Yeah." She said. She took his hand and smiled.

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