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Denise (destiny_chan) | 5535 comments Mod
Amber & Roger - Shards of Time

Amber | 155 comments I have this one bought but I think I'm going to skim through the one before this since I don't remember much about it. Honestly the first 4 I re-read alot the others not so much and the last one not at all. Still I love these characters way too much not to read this last book.

Roger - president of NBR United - (roger_presidentofnbrunited) | 1050 comments I have the book and can start whenever.

Amber | 155 comments I'm in the middle of Shift right now but I should be finished with it by tomorrow so any time after that. Would you like to start it some time this weekend maybe?

Roger - president of NBR United - (roger_presidentofnbrunited) | 1050 comments Lets say friday or saturday friday start works better for me.

Amber | 155 comments Friday works for me

Amber | 155 comments I think some of the moments I enjoy most with these two are at the Stag and Otter or Cockerel. Times like the start of this book.

I really don't think of this series as M/M most of the times since it focus so much on plot/fantasy elements. But then there are these small little snippets of concern, love, and partnership that remind me that they are a couple and they really come to life for me.

I'm kind of sad we're moving out of Rhíminee for the last book :(

Roger - president of NBR United - (roger_presidentofnbrunited) | 1050 comments I am too, but oh the things that happen on Khorous are great so far. I know this is a series I recommend for people who are just getting started in the genre especiallly if they are fantasy readers already.

Amber | 155 comments It is a great series since it isn't hardcore for people just slipping into the mm world.

I'm at 41% now. This one doesn't really have to much action in it. Really a pretty solid mystery with some spooky stuff mixed in. I'm really liking seeing Theo and Klia together. I think Theo is the one character out of all of the ones in this series that has really grown and bloomed. It is also a great continuation through the Tamir trilogy and this one to see Arkoniel who is Nysander's mentor then Theo and now Mika.

Amber | 155 comments Finished up a little bit ago. For the book itself I'll probably give it 4 stars. I enjoyed alot of thing about it. The story had a very nice build up and then a quick resolution. There where a lot of little character moments that I enjoyed alot as well. I really couldn't find any plot holes that irritated me, which has been a problem in a lot of books that I've read lately.

What did disappoint me a little bit is this is the final book of the series and it honestly felt more like a Theo/Klia book. (view spoiler)

I love Theo alot but for the final book of the series I really really wanted one to focus on Alec and Seregil. Overall I liked the book alot but this didn't feel like a great ending for the series. It felt more like a middle book with great writing but not the epic sweeping story or even a more personal character driven story I would want to close the series.

There were some nice moments between Seregil and Alec and they were running around trying to solve a mystery defeating the dyrmagnos. But there were a lot of the story taking place in Theo, Klia, or Mika's POV compared to Seregil, Alec or even Micum's. For me that was even more disappointing than taking the story out of Rhíminee.

I can see why she wanted to end the series since she has close up the lose ends of Seregil and Alec's past with books 3,4,5 and brought the watchers back in business with book 6 but I wished she had used a different story than this one to close the series. I'm really hoping she does the Glimpses II that she talked about.

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