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This is where the Mods will post warnings for members who do not obey the rules or are rude to other members or mods. If a Mod warns you once your punishment will be minor, if a Mod warns you twice, you are in trouble, if a Mod warn you three-five times you will leave the group.

Person you are giving a warning to:

Reason for warning:

What is his/her punishment:{not severe!}

I know I sound harsh, but I want everything to be in order! And if a member has a problem with a member, go to the problem topic in Mod land and tell a Mod why you have a problem with that member or Mod

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) | 13 comments I thought it was mod world!!!!

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It is, I just want people to obey the rules, if they don't then Mods scolding them won't do anything. So, Mods will give them warnings

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