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message 1: by . (new)

. (bestguy) chicken!

message 2: by . (new)

. (bestguy) pig!.....(all of them not fresh...of coarse)

message 3: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette Cow!

message 4: by . (new)

. (bestguy) yum~

message 5: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette :D

message 6: by . (new)

. (bestguy) :D.....Meat

message 7: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette Hamburger and Bacon!!!

message 8: by . (new)

. (bestguy) i like cheeseburgur and yea bacon

message 9: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette Yummmm! Sausage!! :D

message 10: by . (new)

. (bestguy) Yea yummm~

message 11: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette :D Pepperoni!

message 12: by . (new)

. (bestguy) with pizza!!!

message 13: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette YESSS!!!!

message 14: by . (new)

. (bestguy) YEA!!! sister doesent like pepperoni....i do thogh :DDDD pepperoni rocks!!! i mean...with pizza of coarse

message 15: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette Yesss! *Whispers* although sometimes I'll eat it plain.. :D

message 16: by . (new)

. (bestguy) yea i like cheese pizza also still sad tho the boy is korean u know all korean lies...not me tho i lovvvveeeee books! i dont like the people in my school tho :/ they only do

1. play
2. get hurt
3. blame
4. lie

and believe me these guys are good at lieing

message 17: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette Yeah.... :(

message 18: by . (new)

. (bestguy) but not alll but some time my mom said to a korean girl come in! play with my cassie will you? then when no one looking she stoll money (she's not poor tho she comes from RICH family but she alwase gets nothin to do thats why) from my sister room then when my omm found out she got the money and i could do like no dont inv anyone over....its my reading time! then i have a shield i say remember? u thought the stealing money girl was a friend so i get more reading time :DD

message 19: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette Wow! Yikes! At least she didn't steal anything else! D:

message 20: by . (new)

. (bestguy) yep! and her parents never comes home they only come for sleeping they said and she is alll alone for like 10 hour maybe...

message 21: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette :O That is so sad!

message 22: by . (new)

. (bestguy) yep i bet she did that because of that her dad is a doctor and her mom works too...they soo rich but the daughter is all alone ....well not all she has to go to like extra places and do math,those things so she gets like very few hour to rest

message 23: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette Yeah. Wow..... D:

message 24: by . (new)

. (bestguy) so maybe thats why she did mom said she was trying to ge attension to make her dad to come or somethin

message 25: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette Ouch. That's hard.

message 26: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette *For the family

message 27: by . (new)

. (bestguy) yep bet she had a hard life anyways that was like 2 years ago

message 28: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette Yeah.

message 29: by . (new)

. (bestguy) well anyways im still learning the Ancient Greek Words sooo hard!!!!!!!!

message 30: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette :O WOW!!!!!

message 31: by . (new)

. (bestguy) welll im gonna go now in 2 min cya!

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