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What are the five factions?
-dauntless, the brave
-amity, the calm
-erudite, the intelligent
-candor, the honest
-abnegation, the selfless

How old are initiates?

How many initiates can I make?
4 for the time being

Where do I create an initiate?
Go to the character creation folder for initiates, copy the template from the information thread, and start a thread for your character

What is the image format?
<.img src="paste link here"> without that period

Why do I have to use the template?
Because it is easier to check and make sure you have everything necessary, plus it helps the mods keep everything organized.

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How many characters can rp at once in the same place?
Unless it is an initiation class or special event, no more than 5 characters per rp.

How many characters can I make?
I'm very lenient with this. You can make as many as you think you can handle but if I see that things are getting out of control I will have to delete one or more of your characters.
As a general rule ill say:
5 initiates
5 full members
5 under 16's
However you may have more with permission

Can initiates from different factions be friends or even date?
People from different factions can be friends although it is frowned upon. However since they go to school together it is possible. Similarly they COULD date but it wouldn't be something full members would like.

Can characters rp in factions that they aren't members of?
Full members and trainers can rp in factions that aren't their home faction. Initiates and under 16s cannot. Also most full members do not go to other factions unless they have to. For example a dauntless could go to candor to set up security or an erudite could go to dauntless to deliver a serum.

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