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Lately I've been really sick. And I'm just so sick of it. A couple mornings ago, I was on the floor, crying to my parents to take me to Confession and then, well. I asked them to take me to Confession then I was gonna pray for death. I don't know how to handle these thoughts. Because all I want is death I just want these thoughts to stop.

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First question: are you catholic?

And well I know from personal experience how much it sucks to always be sick. In third grade they thought I had a brain tumor so, I went to alot of doctors. Basically you need to just keep your head held high and pray to get better. Spend time doin the things you love.

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Yes, I am Catholic, and proud of it.

Okay. Thanks. Head high... I still need to try that. :P

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Me too! That's what I thought when I heard confession

And yeh it sucks, I know and well as a little kid I hated it even more, I wouldn't even let my mom tell my gramma or my teacher, but maybe even think of someone in a worse situation. It puts things in perspective and helps you see that people have had worse things happen and still come out strong

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And yeah, people do come out strong with worse things. But I've had this for what? Six weeks now? I don't think I can go on much longer without sinning and throwing myself out a window...

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Hey don't think like that! Let me go all catholic on you. What's better? A month or two of pain on this earth and then eternal happiness in heaven. Or getting rid of the pain here but suffering eternally in hell?

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Ally, it feels so good to finally meet another Catholic. You're gonna end up saving me, both my life and my salvation, if you keep this up. And I suppose a month or two of wretched pain would be better. But get this, I found myself thinking the other day that I would rather go to hell than feel this anymore... I think I really am losing it.

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I get you about the catholic thing.
Let me say this also.
All the suffering you endure here gains you grace in heaven. There are different levels of saints in heaven, like martyrs gets higher plae in heaven. If you endure this pain you get extra graces. And if you do it willingly still more grace. Think about Jesus and how he willingly died on the cross for us.

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*thinks* I see your point...

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Good, because it helped me

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