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Talk about these movies here.

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(Ok. I don't know how to use the "Spoiler" HTML code yet.)

I wrote this while watching the movie.

I cried in this part while watching it on YouTube
a month ago. I was saying in my mind, "NO! LOKI!

When I saw the ending of Thor 2, Loki was back to
his normal self. After Thor left the room. I was speechless.
I was saying in my mind, "Loki. I thought. You. What?
How? Why?" I almost fainted.

I was sad when Loki was in the chains, in the dungeon.
He was all alone with nothing to do. Other than, reading books.

In the middle of the movie, Loki was being nice. He saved
Jane Foster more than a few times. He let the dark-elf
stab him. That made me cry in that part.

At the end of the movie, when Thor left the room,
Loki was back to his normal self. I was shocked on
that part.

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