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Marisa Oldham (marisaoldham) | 554 comments Mod
1. Name: Candice R. Lee

2. Book Title: The Innocent: A Myth

3. Book Synopsis:

The Innocent A Myth
"I was eaten, plain and simple. It felt like being burned alive, like every cell in my body was exploding. Then everything stopped—my breathing, my pain, my heart . . ."

The Innocent is an intensely passionate lyrical novel and modern myth, at once a coming of age story and a guide to life’s most mysterious and powerful force: Love. Reminiscent of A.S. Byatt’s Possession and Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, yet with its own incomparable style, The Innocent weaves the tale of a young woman’s supernatural journey through sorrow and death toward fulfillment and understanding.

Alexa Wyndham is a painfully sheltered girl from Brooklyn with a mysterious past. She is an innocent in every sense of the word, her views of the world formed through the lens of the poetry and literary novels she reads. Now on her own in college in Manhattan she finds the big bad city is just waiting to devour her. When she goes out with friends on Valentine’s Day, a stunning kiss from a stranger is her introduction to this new and dangerous world. Her would be lover is after her flesh. It contains a most powerful transformative energy, and the supernatural creatures of the city are willing to do anything for a taste of it.

Her only hope of survival is eight-hundred-year-old, medieval knight Cristien LaRoche. An incubus who has killed every woman he has been with. He will be damned if helps Alexa and damned if he doesn't. Even if he can save her once, or save her a hundred times from those who seek her power, he still won’t be able to protect her from his own deadly embrace.

Jane Eyre and the paranormal come together together in The Innocent to form a breathtaking love story. The novel follows the harrowing path of Alexa and Cristien as they trade quips and quotes, chase and lose love, forgive and do the unforgivable, betray and are betrayed, until finally one will come face to face with the white light and the other his darkest nightmare. Together, Alexa and Cristien will have to answer the question, “Is Love stronger than Death?”

4. Book Genre: Literary Romance, Metaphysical, Paranormal, Mythic Fiction

5. Formats Available: PDF, Mobi, E-pub

6. Reader Age Range:16+ (depending on how much they love literature.)

Loren Weaver (lorenweaver) I'd love to review :)

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Candice Lee | 1 comments Loren wrote: "I'd love to review :)"

Thanks for your interest, Loren. Is there a format you prefer?

Candice R. Lee

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