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Brianna (bribookishconfessions) | 10 comments Mod
Hey guys! So as you may have seen, I'm making this summer filled with read-a-longs to help reach my goal of 50 books read by the end of summer!

If you see any books you'd be interested in doing a read-a-long with, let me know! There's a couple of books I didn't list, just ask and I'll let you know if I own it or not. (or if I've already read). :)

message 2: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa Of Poseidon
Immortal Beloved
Ruby Red
Under the Never Sky
Falling Kingdoms

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

i told u before.

message 4: by Shane Anne (new)

Shane Anne (shaysabs) | 3 comments Unraveling

message 5: by Shane Anne (new)

Shane Anne (shaysabs) | 3 comments If I stay and to all the boys I've loved before

message 6: by Paola (new)

Paola | 2 comments Burn for burn
Fire with fire
The scorch trials
The death cure
The selection
The elite
Gone girl
Ruby red
Saphire blue
Emerald green
:))) please

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Paola | 2 comments Legend
The perks of being a wallflower

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