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message 1: by Simon (new)

Simon (savidgereads) | 449 comments Mod
So episode 100 is less than four weeks away and Simon and Thomas have been wondering what they should do for the episode with special guest... Gavin. Yes, Gavin is popping back for a show with all three hosts to celebrate the official one hundredth episode (though it's actually more than that with book group specials, ha).

So... What should this trio of trouble and beardy bibliophiles do/discuss? Over to you...

message 2: by Elizabeth☮ (last edited Apr 26, 2014 07:12PM) (new)

Elizabeth☮ I always like when you guys answer questions posed by listeners.

message 3: by Annie (new)

Annie | 19 comments I'd be interested to learn what makes you guys love a book. I could listen to people talk about books they love for hours.

message 4: by Ruthiella (new)

Ruthiella | 272 comments I want Gavin to say something in Welsh.

message 5: by Thomas (new)

Thomas (thomasathogglestock) | 251 comments We could do the whole show in Welsh. (Reminder to self: learn Welsh.)

message 6: by Uncle (new)

Uncle My hope is that it will be something seemly and dignified.

message 7: by Ruthiella (new)

Ruthiella | 272 comments Thomas wrote: "We could do the whole show in Welsh. (Reminder to self: learn Welsh.)"

You can lay on the MinnesOOta accent, Thomas.

message 8: by Ruthiella (new)

Ruthiella | 272 comments Seriously, maybe something of a retrospective? A look at some of favorite books or authors you have discovered since starting the podcast? Has doing the podcast changed you or your reading life in any way?

I went back and listened to the first episode this weekend. Hard to believe it was over two years ago!

message 9: by Simon (new)

Simon (savidgereads) | 449 comments Mod
I like retrospective ideas and how it's changed how we read. Good calls.

I can't listen back to first episodes. I cringe. We sound so formal.

message 10: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Invite us all to meet you up at the pub for a chat about books! Wouldn't that be grand!?

How about all us listeners send in our reasons for loving this podcast so much and you read them during the podcast??

message 11: by Jenni (new)

Jenni (jennilukee) How about poetry or novels in verse?

message 12: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 92 comments Simon wrote: "I like retrospective ideas and how it's changed how we read. Good calls.

I can't listen back to first episodes. I cringe. We sound so formal."

I love listening to the old episodes. The Readers has become my comfort listen, much like Jane Eyre is my comfort read. I love Gav, and I was a bit fearful when he left, but I immediately took to Thomas. You are all lovely.

I would enjoy a retrospective of how recording this podcast and writing your blogs has changed and shaped your reading. I would also like to know what else influences your reading: other podcasts, blogs, book reviews, book groups?

I would like to have you look ahead a bit, too. How do you see reading and publishing changing within the next few years?

message 13: by Coleen (new)

Coleen (coleena312) | 5 comments How about highlights of your favorite episodes? I saved the episode dedicated to Simon's Gran and the one where Simon interviews his mom, sister, and Gran on my iPod-they are my favorites. Or, what about something similar with Thomas and Gavin's family or significant others? Just a thought. I also like the retrospective idea.

message 14: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (yourtrueshelf) | 21 comments I'm so going to listen to the first episode again now! I want to hear formal gav & Simon! happy 100, I've never missed an episode

message 15: by Samuel (new)

Samuel (slrp) | 8 comments The questions that Mariella Frostrup used to ask her guests when The Book Show was still going could provide material for the 100th episode. Some suggestions: literary characters that are most like you/you fell in love with, books to read before you're 21, endings you want to change, your book recommendation for a famous person (could be quite funny - e.g. Sandi Toksvig's was A Guide to Europe which she'd give to Nigel Farage.)

message 16: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (yourtrueshelf) | 21 comments love Sam's ideas!

message 17: by Eric (last edited May 15, 2014 09:18AM) (new)

Eric Anderson (lonesomereader) Here are a few topic suggestions for your discussion...

Is there a writer whose prose style you love so much that you'd like to keep them chained in your house (Misery-style) to write books only for you.

If an alien were to come to earth what five books would you recommend to him/her/it to understand the human race?

Have you ever looked at the archives of your blogs and noticed books you can't remember anything about until you reread what you wrote about them?

message 18: by Ruthiella (new)

Ruthiella | 272 comments Eric wrote: "Here are a few topic suggestions for your discussion...

Is there a writer whose prose style you love so much that you'd like to keep them chained in your house (Misery-style) to write books only f..."

For Thomas the question would need to be reframed ” What author would you resurrected from the grave to keep Misery style, but I can imagine Simon wanting to keep Susanne Hill imprisoned in his guest room churning out books for him and if I had to hazard a guess for Gav, I would say he would keep China Mieville in his basement if he could.

message 19: by Simon (new)

Simon (savidgereads) | 449 comments Mod
Great suggestions. We will try and incorporate all of these when we record as a trio tomorrow. You have about 12 hours to submit more. Or send quote or even better mp3 emailed birthday wishes to us too. The latter would probably make me cry. I'm already emotional. Ha!

message 20: by Elizabeth☮ (last edited May 17, 2014 02:20PM) (new)

Elizabeth☮ I would just like to say I look forward to your podcast every fortnight. I listen to four book podcasts regularly, but you guys are my favorite. You keep the banter fresh and offer unique and, often, humorous views of not just books, but all things reading-related.

I have listened from your inception and it has been interesting to listen to the changes. I also like that we have gotten to know you as individuals. You brighten my day when I listen. I like to wait until I can listen to the podcast in its entirety, so I specifically set the time aside for you guys (I don't do this with any another podcast).

Congratulations on this milestone! I hope to be listening for many more birthdays.

message 21: by Simon (new)

Simon (savidgereads) | 449 comments Mod
And we have recorded. And Simon and Gav got a bit emotional. Thomas didn't care ;)

message 22: by Elizabeth☮ (new)

Elizabeth☮ Ha! Thomas cares.

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

Congratulations on reaching 100 editions, and well done to Thomas on becoming an award-winning author.

I wasn't surprised that as keen fiction readers you recommended novels to Eric's would-be alien, but I note that he asked which books you would recommend for a visitor from outer space which would also allow for non-fiction. Perhaps the best way for he/she/it to understand the world we live in would be to recommend a good general world history? I have J M Roberts's History of the World in the cupboard, but I must admit I have only ever dipped into it.

The books that have arguably had the greatest impact on our world must surely be the Bible, the Koran, Darwin's Origin of Species, Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations and The Communist Manifesto but I am not sure that reading those works would be the greatest help to Eric's alien. In some ways, they are more significant for how people reacted to them rather than for their content alone.

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