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Kaketin Who | 29 comments Here you can post your updates and comment on other people's progress! (For the challenge only)!

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Ela | 346 comments Kaketin has posted it on our homepage but I'll repost the summary here for you:

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Ela | 346 comments Awaiting the Arrival of Book 9

Okay guys, book 9 is coming out soon (28.08.14), so I was thinking we need to have a competition (no prize just for fun) to celebrate the the 2nd book in the 3rd trilogy of this amazing series!
So, this competition goes from today until the release date of this book!
You have to read all the books (start to finish) 1 through 8 (if you have the novellas that's great!), then create a character profile for *any* character in *any* of the books!
Remember, you have until the release date (at time of creating this challenge) of the book to do this.F
First person to do this the best and the fastest wins!!!!!!!
(Remember to put the books on your 'currently reading' shelf, or you are disqualified; also remember that i can see how long it has taken you to read each book and if you have read every book! SO NO CHEATING.
YOu can add updates about where you are up to in a new discussion on the group's homepage.
Sorry for the long description :)

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Ela | 346 comments Go on the homepage to enter the competition if you want to :)

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