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Kenny Chaffin (kennychaffin) My 2 latest collections of poetry are now available at Amazon (ebooks only).

The Joy of Science is my first full collection of science, science fiction and speculative poetry.
It contains 44 poems ranging from serious poetic presentations of science to irreverent and humorous
looks at science fiction and ourselves. Filled with both awe-inspiring visions and fun. Available now

US Link:
UK Link:

A few samples:

"Time Flies"

Those nasty little beggars
always messing around.

Leaving their fly-speck vomit
all over time and space.

Moving the Archduke’s assassination
or messing with Jesus’ birth.

We of course never know
cause time itself corrects.

Things are always as they were
except the barfly nose.

"A Small Step"

After the fall and
hip replacement surgery
Anna struggled just
to get out of bed.

Weeks of rehab,
effort, and fighting
pain brought her
to this thought.

Hell it was easy for Neil
he had a billion dollar suit,
NASA, and the entire
world behind him.

"It’s a Miracle"

You peer into the eyepiece,
blink and adjust, then you see it,
a smear of bluish light that
left its home 2000 centuries
before Christ.

As your eyes adjust you see
the blue-white glow at the center
of a pinwheel and bright specks
of reds, yellows and blues
all twirling about.

This ancient light that
has traveled so long, so far
strikes your retina and perishes
in order to signal your brain
of the miracle you behold.

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Kevin (kevinhallock) | 24 comments Congrats!

message 3: by Kenny (new)

Kenny Chaffin (kennychaffin) Thx Kevin.

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