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Finish the series?
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I read the other thread, asking basically the same question, and I thought the answers were helpful, but I'm looking for specifics.

For instance, I was disappointed with the conclusion of the Divergent series because of the incoherence of the plot in the last one and crappy tail end.
I thought the conclusion of the Delirium series was stupid because the author didn't really finish it. She just stopped writing and called it an "open ending".

Both really tick me off, because I loved the previous books in each series.

So my question about this one is: Is this series worth reading? And why or why not?
I'm not really looking for 'it's not my thing' or 'it's the best book ever!' kind of answers.

I thought that the first one was pretty slow, but I did wind up more interested at the end. But I've seen that a bunch of people thought the series was crap. it worth reading? Why or why not?


EDIT: Thanks for the input everyone. I did wind up finishing it, and I wasn't disappointed. At least, not very much. Certainly not the way I was in Allegiant or Requiem....

so i've read all of the other series, and i've had my fair share of opinions about this one , but i think that you should continue on. The interesting thing is that i LOVED Matched, read Crossed and didn't love it, but then when i went to re-read it before reading Reached, i found that i must have missed things because it was pretty decent int he lead up to the finale.

What you have in the 3rd book are a lot of pieces of closure, in a less than direct way. things are hinted at that you get to see play out and things that you've been thinking about (i.e. the colored pills) are also talked about a lot more that really make you think.

the one thing that does frustrate me about Reached though is that it feels a bit like Mockinjay. i hate to compare series, and i hate to compare installments in a series, but there were a bunch of things that felt the same, so i kept expecting other things to happen.

regardless, it's def not as open ended as Delirium, and you don't walk away from it with the same frustrations as you did with Divergent either. It's worth continuing at least in my opinion. I don't want to give spoilers, so let me know if you have more specific questions.

I don't know if I am going to read the next book. It does not have enough of that certain spark for me.

I stopped reading them in the middle of Crossed. I was really disappointed it didn't keep my interest and I LOVED Matched so i was sadly disappointed :(

This is a little off topic, but I kind of liked the end of the delirium series. I felt like Lena has a choice, whichever guy she decides to love, or even if neither one was right for her at least now it is her decision. Despite that, Matched was my favorite of the three series you mentioned, so I'm glad you stuck with it and enjoyed the last book! :)

I agree with Tiare in the sense that while Crossed was a bit boring, Reached was worth the read. I really liked Matched and was disappointed by the second book (too much time spent wandering around being lost), but was into the idea of the story enough that I wanted to finish the series. I was pleased to discover that Reached was well done. Not sure how to convince you without giving the story away!

Not worth finshing Reached. I seriously regret buying it for 10 bucks.

I read Matched and found it to be very unoriginal and cliched. I never want to continue on with that series. My friend read the entire trilogy thinking that it would get better- she hated it. She told me that the main characters become annoying and dumb, and that the events in the last two concerning a rebellion are the same as THG. If The Hunger Games Trilogy and and The Giver Quartet had a baby and named it The Matched Trilogy, it would be an ugly child.

Well, they keep being slow. So think about how you felt about the pacing in the first book and keep in mind that that doesn't change.

Crossed seems a little boring as you're reading it (though it wasn't enough to bother me) but it is a very important bridge to Reached, which I thought was the best book in the series. And it had the most exciting plot. I'm not sure I'd call it "action packed," but it did have the most action of the three.

I haven't read Allegiant yet, so I can't directly compare the coherency, but I haven't seen anyone complaining about Reached being incoherent, and I didn't think it was. So you should be fine there.

I have read Requiem and I can say for sure that Reached does not have an ending like that. It has a definite, series concluding, real ending.

Kristen Thanks.
I'm ok with a book being a little slower if I'm already into the story. I don't mind minimal action so long as the end isn't a huge disappointm
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I'm still trying to decide if I should continue reading it also, I got through half of the first book.

These comments are helping me decide to finish reached and the other series mentioned. Thanks!

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