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message 1: by Susan (new)

Susan Kirschbaum | 6 comments I'd like to know who picks the ads on m book page. My novel is called Who Town, fictional satire about coming of age in NYC. I've noticed that some very odd titles are advertised on my book's page. I've noticed many self published titles (most, sadly are terrible reads); chick lit books, and mysteries. I don't fit in the last two categories at all. And I once had a serious agent at Sterling Lord and my novel Who Town was edited by someone at Bloomsbury. So I ended up choosing book design and printing on my own but I don't want to be placed in Indie ghetto. Also, from my sales pages, readers of Who Town tend to read David Foster Wallace, Sam Lipsyte,and Bret Easton Ellis, to name three that always come up on Amazon as those who bought Who Town also bought. So, how is it that these "other" types of books are advertised on my Goodreads page. I don't think they fit. It's important re: branding for an author, so I'm wondering......

message 2: by Ken (new)

Ken Doggett (kendoggett) If it works the way other websites do, the ads are probably tailored to your browsing history, and the cookies stored in your browser. They're different for everybody. If I went to your book page, I'd probably see ads tailored to me.

message 3: by Shomeret (new)

Shomeret | 138 comments Not only does everybody see different ads, but they change each time you visit the page. This is the case with every page on Goodreads.

message 4: by Susan (new)

Susan Kirschbaum | 6 comments Thank you for the feedback. Re the ads tailored to me, double entendre here, but it is a mystery, since I don't read mysteries and the seem to pop up. Also don't read paperback romance......

message 5: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Beverly (writesistah) | 79 comments Maybe Goodreads posts them randomly?

message 6: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Beverly (writesistah) | 79 comments Sorry, didn't mean to use the word "post".

Maybe Goodreads' ad selections are random. There are a lot of authors registered here but at times, they may not be able to match the ads up with what the authors' genre are.

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