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message 1: by Rich (new)

Rich (dubious_1) | 12 comments Mod
Are we ready to have another discussion meet up? I have spoke with a few members and it seems like next Wed. or Thursday ( April 30 or May 1 ) work for them.

Check the poll below and cast your vote.

Since we ran into issues of noise, and early closing time last meet up, I propose Churchill's in San Marcos for the location.

message 2: by Brian (new)

Brian | 1 comments Sorry, but I can't make it once again...

message 3: by Rich (new)

Rich (dubious_1) | 12 comments Mod
Sorry about the title mixup. Chapters 4,5,6 are already a big enough chunk without adding 7.

message 4: by McKenzie (new)

McKenzie Velia | 1 comments Hey, would it be possible to move the meeting to next week?
I'm not sure about everyone else, but the past few days have been pretty busy for me so I haven't gotten a chance to get to the reading, and I want to be prepared for the meeting.
What does everyone think?

message 5: by Timothy (new)

Timothy Boyer | 3 comments Next week sounds good to me.

message 6: by Rich (new)

Rich (dubious_1) | 12 comments Mod
I concur with the proposed change. Chapters 4,5 and 6 are pretty meaty and probably cover about half of the books content.
I will update the poll to reflect the change and reset the voting.

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