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message 1: by Fiza (new)

Fiza Hello fellow bloggers

I'm a newbie to the reviewing and blogging world. And I would like to ask you for some feedback, comments, and followers please. Whatever you're comfortable with of course :)

This is my blog:
and my FB page:

I also follow/like back, just leave me a note :)


message 2: by Fiza (new)

Fiza Just posted my first attempt at a meme:

message 3: by Tessa (new)

Tessa | 177 comments I really like the design of your blog, especially all of the colors! Blogging everyday is a good habit that I have yet to master. I do like the meme too, it is a good one to start with. I found a couple little grammar mistakes, but that is the worst of it. I hope you continue to blog. This is a promising start!

message 4: by Fiza (new)

Fiza Thank you so much Helen! I appreciate your feedback, I'll go through it again to fix some of the mistakes :)

message 5: by Fiza (new)

Fiza Here's a new meme I'm trying out "Top Off Tuesday":

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