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Day (yes2danny) | 3 comments Ah that's really good :)

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MJ And I guess that could definitely start wars. And wary men who are loyal to the current king (the prince's brother?) are trying to detain it.

So possible characters:
the prince
other nobility/royalty
an unfortunate commoner
black magician

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Day (yes2danny) | 3 comments So I'd be the demon?

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MJ Ok, if you want. We can add characters in when the story expands.
Are you thinking about romantic subplots? (I can do with or without them)

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MJ I have no idea what to name the kingdom, though o-o hmm (any ideas?)

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Day (yes2danny) | 3 comments What do you think?It's up to you.

Names...Hmmm let me think.

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MJ I do have an idea for a character:
a daughter of a noble becomes cursed with black magic in childhood. The nurse had saved her by stealing her away before her father could kill her. Now, she lives among the commons, but she has a gift (or, a curse) of being able to see demons. She can wield power against the supernatural creatures, but she tries to hide them because she's afraid if caught by her family, she may be killed.

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Day (yes2danny) | 3 comments That sounds great.I assume that would be you.Would we add a love twist in it with the demon?

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MJ Cool! Sure :D
I'll be back with more detailed characterization. You can make your character.

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Day (yes2danny) | 3 comments Awesome I'll make him a bit normal though.

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MJ And how much do you usually write per turn? I tend to write a lot, at least a paragraph.

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Day (yes2danny) | 3 comments I'll write my best.Considering I'm sick,I hope that nothing will stop me from doing good.

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Day (yes2danny) | 3 comments Name:Day Sebastian Mathews
Job:Swords Smith's Son





Sebastian has a nice and clean face, and a lopsided smile that can make anyone feel welcomed. Dirty blonde hair is combed upwards, giving it a rather spiked effect. His eyes are a deep Gray color, giving off a warm aura even when not wanted. He has a cute button nose that seems to complete his face, giving him the slightly boyish appearance.
Sebastian is muscular, but not in an overly-so way. You don't look at him and assume he's a jock; he just plays works alot, that's about it.
Overall, Sebastian has the charming England look.

History:Where Day was born is reamains unknown but what is recorded is that he was found one stormy night alone lost and memories forgoten.His father((or more of a care taker))Aragon took him from the stormy rainy dirty slumps to the not so diffrent Swords smith hutt...He lived and worked there all his life.

Personality:Sebastian is witty, smart, and quick on his feet. He's almost overly intelligent, but he has a mild temper that can be crossed if you know the right buttons to push.
He's rather polite, and acts like a gentlemen around girls. He picks his friends with care, and can tell a loyal soul from a bad one.
Sebastian is a bit on the cocky side, and knows his talents. He doesn't like being outdone at something, and this can easily turn him from the nicest demon out there to a downright snarky bitch.
He doesn't scream when he's angry, instead he talks in a very calm and collected voice that gives you chills. It's often described as far worse than being yelled at. He's a bit of a ladies man, and likes hanging out with the more intelligent people. He's a fan of Theater, but pours himself into books and music.

Impression of the royals:Just does not care.As long as everyone leaves him alone everthing will be great.
Family:Unknown was found by a Swords Smirth and he raised him as his own.Giving him a home and food as long as he worked.


Likes:• |▫ Puzzles ▫| For some reason, He has a fascination with jig-saw puzzles. He could spend hours doing them, and becomes fixated with it. She has many boxes of them smuggled in his room.
• |▫ Asking Questions ▫| Since he doesn’t like to talk about herself, he normally asks people a lot of things about themselves. His questions can be very personal, but he seems not to be fazed by that. He just... wants’ to get to know you in every way possible.
• |▫ Music▫| He can’t help but watch it being played or playing it himself.
• |▫ Morning Jogs ▫| He can’t help but be obsessed over Staying fit and feels the need to jog every morning to stay in shape...Is he trying toprove something?

• |▫ Being Kept in the Dark▫| Since he likes to ask questions, he hates it when someone doesn’t tell him the truth or answer his questions. It just bugs him for some reason, even though he doesn’t answer the same questions back. He’s just complicated like that.
• |▫Talking about Himself ▫| whenever someone asks personal questions about his life, he normally tells them to mind their own business.
• |▫ Interrupting Sleep and Hunger ▫| If there’s one thing that he can’t live without, it’s sleep. He can sleep all day and all night if he wants to. Legend has it that she slept for an entire week once. (Obviously he was very hungry when he woke up.) So if you wake him up, you might get a growl or a bite in return. HE also has quite a large appetite, but that’s mainly because he loved food. So, if he goes after long periods of time without eating, he gets very cranky.


Fighting;He was born basicly with a sword in his hands and has a more of a dual swords thing going on.He is very shy about his rare talent and never shows it off.
Stamina;Staying in shape means he can fight longer,faster, and harder then most people.Too bad he never fights...Just his wooden dummy or his father.
Talker;He won't ever admit it but he knows his soft voice get's him what he wants.


Alone;He wont ever tell it to anything but it is one of his biggest fears...

Loosing;He has never been in anything like compitition or contest and fears loosing it his first try.

Love;Since he has never dated npr had the time to he is afraid of never falling in love or falling in it,unsure of what to do.

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MJ (I never got how to attach the images :/)


Name: Alya (birth name, Celina Rancellon)

Age: 18

Birthday: November 8th

a daughter of a noble becomes cursed with black magic in childhood. The nurse had saved her by stealing her away before her father could kill her. Now, she lives among the commons, but she has a gift (or, a curse) of being able to see demons of all sorts and forms. She can wield power against the supernatural creatures. On the back of her left hand is a mark of a crescent moon and various lines of writing. She tries to hide them because she's afraid if caught by her family, she may be killed.

Currently: Alya lives in the village of Grinwood, and she has been noticing a number of strange occurrences around the village and rumors of other things throughout the kingdom, regarding necromancy, curses, diseases and battles where supernatural beings destroyed whole towns. Her caretaker and nurse, Maryanne, warns her to stay out of those things, even though she may have the power to stop them. But recently Maryanne's health had been deteriorating quickly and Alya is about to face the world, alone, for the first time.

Personality: Maryanne had taught her well, how to read/write, arithmetics, and some history as well. But in a poor village, such things seem rather boring and even useless. She is vaguely aware of her lineage because Maryanne had warned her about that as well, but she could care less. She is brave, reckless at times, but smart enough to know that she must hide her powers. Her education had rendered her a cynic, and she is sarcastic and proud sometimes.

Aspirations: To be free. Free of the constant cutthroats and pursuers who are searching for her to kill her to 'cleanse the family of the curse'. Also free of the constant stream of men who tries to marry her.
She wants to learn swordfighting, so she can protect herself without having to run all the time.
When she was young, she had always wanted to be a singer. She has a beautiful voice. However, life caught up to her childhood dreams and now she only sings while he works in the small plot of field that belongs to her and Maryanne.
She wants to run away from the village, though Maryanne's sickness hold her there. She is adventurous by nature.

Love life: None so far, but she likes men. She hasn't come across any right ones that match her intelligence and strong personality, yet.

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MJ So, Sebastian's secretly a demon in human form?

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Day (yes2danny) | 3 comments yeah

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MJ (Ok, so I'll start)
Alya strolled down the village street, gazing at the various vendors who had come out to the market to sell their merchandise. She picked through the fruits, looking at the apples. The local herbalist had told her that apples and blueberries were good for health. She couldn't quite afford the blueberries that were going out of season, but Maryanne would love the apples.
The elderly woman was almost her mother. She had taken care of Alya in place of her parents since her childhood, and now that Maryanne was sick, it was Alya's job to take care of her until she passed on to next life. It always pained her to think of such farewell. Her face grimaced, but she only took a deep breath, and composed herself again. She glanced at the fruit merchant, who had been eyeing her with a leer. She wouldn't be weak in front of this fool.
The fat merchant opened his mouth to say something, almost winking at her.
"All I want is the damned apple, so just tell me the price," she said, bitterly.
The man's face reddened, and said, "Well, you're a feisty lady. Who taught you to talk like that to a grown man?"
Alya scoffed, and the merchant seemed to be about to insult her, but a young man with brunette hair walked over to the vendor carts, and began to pick at the fruits.
"Hey, hey, you, what do you want, you got money to pay for it?" The merchant said, waving his hands.

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MJ (If we're doing the romance, is there anything you want to never happen...when it goes further than just kissing? Do you draw a line anywhere?)

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Day (yes2danny) | 3 comments ((Do you pm?))

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MJ *♫ Day*♫ wrote: "((Do you pm?))"


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Day (yes2danny) | 3 comments ((COOL))

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