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Approximate Age:
Job in the maze: (example-runner)

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Julia Awesome accepted :)

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You named her ally!

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Julia Newt is hot...

message 5: by Julia (new)

Julia He mine... :P

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Julia I like Newt Thomas and Minho, they are freakin awesome and hot

message 7: by Julia (new)

Julia Well, Dylan O'Brien IS hot too...

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Julia Read my title XD

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But I'm still shocked you named her ally!!! <4 that's ma name and I barely ever see it

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Julia you guys can claim characters now :)

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Julia I'm not claiming Newt btw

message 13: by Julia (new)

Julia in the thread claim an original character in the folder character creation

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Julia Dang, you figured out my trick...

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Julia Still, you can claim anyone

message 16: by Julia (new)

Julia I cried in the books, big time bawled

message 17: by Julia (new)

Julia I can't wait to see the movie in September...

message 18: by Julia (new)

Julia let's go to maze runner chat, I don't wanna be chatting under character creation

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Julia it's in the maze runner folder

message 20: by Julia (last edited Apr 26, 2014 05:47PM) (new)

Julia Name: Shaw
Approximate Age: 15
Gender: male
Appearance: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m80...
Job in the maze: (example-runner) runner
Extra: he is a tough but kind person, he is like a leader and he tries to act like a brother to the other people in the glade. He is funny but serious.

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Skya Bailey | 58 comments Name: Midna
Age: 17
Appearance: Blonde usually braided hair,green eyes, came into the Glade with necklace that has a stone that glows when grievers are near.
Job: Runner
Extra: Shy, but confident. Not afraid to risk her life for others making her a good runner.

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Julia Accepted

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