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message 1: by Kaelie (last edited Apr 28, 2014 08:35AM) (new)

Kaelie (kcmfoy) | 13 comments Hello!!! My name is Kaelie and I am trying to get my name out there in the editing world. I offer line editing as well as content editing and if you are looking for affordable rates along with good quality, I'm your lady!

I take pride in my editing because not only am I thorough, but I enjoy it as well. I work with the author to figure out what works best for them. I want to help you get your stories out there because I believe that everyone should be acknowledged for their talents and passions. I am not looking to charge an arm and a leg to help your dream come true. I want to help you and work with what we can in order to make a long lasting relationship.

If you are interested in having a GOOD editor who cares about your story and is willing to work with what you can afford, please don't hesitate to comment below or email me!!


I am willing to edit your first chapter for a sample (up to 20 pages) along with a flat rate that we can agree on and credit as editor. I am trying to get my name established as well :) can't wait to hear from you!

message 2: by Jaclyn (new)

Jaclyn | 21 comments In addition to being an editor, I am also an author. Kaelie is my personal editor and she is truly AMAZING!!!!!!!

She re-edited a story of mine that an editor who has been in the business a long time did. I was not happy with the results at all (it was an editor through a publishing company). The other editor tore my story to shreds and didn't even catch many errors. Then I turned to Kaelie for help and I only had a short time to have it re-edited. Without question she took the job and worked wonders on my story while staying true to my writing. She made my story better! That's what a good editor does, right? She made a few suggestions that honestly made my story flow so much better than it did before. I really feel like she cares about me and my writing and isn't out for fame or money. I wouldn't trust ANYONE else with my stories and I will ALWAYS use Kaelie as my personal editor.

Give her a chance and I bet you she will make you as happy as she made me.

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