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Regan  Carson oh can we make up an animal? cuz i wrote a book with an awesome animal

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surez. i just want this one to be a tad bit more active. :)

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Regan  Carson oketay
Name: Midnight
Gender: female
Age: unknown
Species: feluniusdreadtarian
Appearence: pure black with beautiful green eyes
Personality: sweet, funny, nice
Mate: none
Crush: Mareick
Kin: Snowstorm(mother), Cenariouss(father)
Other: rider is Jason

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what is she? a dragon?

message 6: by Regan (new)

Regan  Carson no she's a mixture between a felasteed, unicorn, pegasus, dreadsteed, and centaur

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what's a felasteed and what's a dreadsteed?

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Regan  Carson they are from world of warcraft trust me i don't really know either

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Regan  Carson ya i love her! she's my favorite character in my book

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Name: Flame
Gender: male
Age: unknown
Species: phoenix
Appearance: http://mob158.photobucket.com/albums/...
Personality: tba

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you should join some other role plays. like the alien one. i'm on it and i'm bored out of my head.

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Regan  Carson lol i will ry it

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Regan  Carson i made a charrie

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kewl. i gtg. might b back later

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Regan  Carson k bye

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Regan  Carson hey Mareick is pink remember?

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Regan  Carson you must change himi iz sorry but you must lol

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Regan  Carson u must keep him pink! that is the whole concept. lol that is why Midnight likes him.

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Regan  Carson she likes bcuz he's pink and he isn't afraid to show it

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Regan  Carson YAYAAYAYYAYAYYAY thankies!

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Regan  Carson lol i petted a mule!

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Regan  Carson i know! u is lucky well byez

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