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if i stay external and internal conflict

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message 1: by RORY (new) - added it

RORY McNERNEY This whole book revolves around an external conflict. Mia was in a car accident and is now battling for her life. Any thoughts?

message 2: by Ella (new) - added it

Ella Blank I agree that the book revolves around an external conflict but I think most of the book is an internal conflict. Mia has to decide whether she should stay or die is a major man versus themselves conflict. Do you agree?

message 3: by Allie (new)

Allie Fein Ella, I agree with you. The whole book revolves around Mia's big decision. And because she has to make that decision herself and it only involves her, so it is clearly an internal conflict. But without the car accident being a huge external conflict, she wouldn't have to make this internal one. The car accident causes her to be in the state that she is in, and causes all of her family members to die, which is what is contributing to making her decision so hard.

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