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Internal and External Conflict

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Divson 25 This a discussion about conflict in the outsiders. Feel free to join in and voice your opinions.

message 2: by Ryan (new)

Ryan I think an obvious external conflicts is between the greasers and the Socs.

CoffeyQ I thought it was obvious but the conflict between Darry, Sodapop and Ponyboy, they always get into heated arguments and the main one was where Darry slapped Ponyboy across the face causing him to run away to the park with Johnny, that stirred off the rest of the story and in turn made the book even more darker than what it used to be.

message 4: by Scott (new) - added it

Scott I think conflict is one of the most important things in The Outsiders. Without conflict this book would be terrible. One major conflict that I think is important is Darry and Ponyboy's arguing. Without it Soda wouldn't realize how important family and being together is. What do you think?

message 5: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Related to Coffeyqs post, I also think the conflict between Darry, Ponyboy, and Sodapop is important, because it's obvious between Darry and Ponyboy the whole story, but then you realize the conflict involves sodapop too at the end.

Jordan I agree with you scott. ANother conflict is when Johnny is deciding weather or not, to turn him self in.

message 7: by Josh (new) - added it

Josh Fader I was thinking about that to, Jordan. I think that it really stressed him out because people back than would be killed in an electric chair for committing such crimes and Johnny really had to decide if it was worth it.

message 8: by Josh (new) - added it

Josh Fader what about when Randy was deciding to go to the fight or not because he wanted to stand for something he believed in and by doing that he wouldn't go to the fight. He knew it was pointless because in the end greasers would still be greasers and socs would still be socs. He also felt like it was for Bob's sake too not to go. If he did go, he would basically be breaking all the things he believed in and regret it because he knew it was worthless.

message 9: by Cole (new)

Cole M. yeah. I also think that when the socs were beating up ponyboy at the beginning of the book. they needed to make a choice even if they were a little buzzed that they wanted to beat up and potentially kill ponyboy. even if it was more bob and randys disicion and the others followed.

Jordan I see your point josh

Jordan i agree with you cole

message 12: by Liam (new) - rated it 5 stars

Liam Another external conflict in the Outsiders is between Johnny and his parents. the parents beat Johnny and Johnny can't do anything about it.

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