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Dialouge in Speaker for the Dead

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message 1: by Sean (last edited Dec 12, 2015 08:38AM) (new) - added it

Sean I feel that so far (up to page 30ish) conflict is mostly based around the new aliens (the only ones found after the buggers) and is most likely external conflict. Wether or not they should observe them more of lessm as the conflict is that they might contaminate their culture.

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Sean Another external/internal conflict is the death of Pipo, this causes the external conflict with the humans, almost all 500 billion of them, and the internal conflict of Libo. It is an external conflict because it is the first time one of the aliens have attacked and killed a human (that species that is not the buggers, sense they already attacked humans), causing concern what people should do about it

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Sean One example of an internal conflict developing from an external conflict would be Nohivia dislike for a lot of people on Lustinia, which comes from the external conflict of the disease called Desclolanda. Even thought the external conflict happened before the book, you can tell how it had influence on the internal conflict based on how it was used in the book (the external conflict).

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Sean Another conflict is how Jane is trying to cope with ender as she is trying to save ender from death from the aliens (piggies) by trying to evacuate Lustania, which causes the problem of people having to be forced of the planet

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Sean Conflicts can develop from other conflicts. One example of this is the conflict that arises, is that the Descolanda virus wasn't cured like everyone thought. Instead it stayed dormant, so no one can leave the planet. If someone does leave, its will kill everything not resistant to it, wherever planet they go. By turning the cure of the disease, into something much worse, it shows how conflict can arise from other conflict

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