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In the book The Forth Stall is there any internal or external conflict? Please write an appropriate response to this discussion question. Thank you.

I think that there is no internal conflict because he is not dealing with a conflict with himself. But, there is external conflict. I think that the external conflict is Staples because he is making Mac's job harder. He's making it harder because they took away most of his important employees. In addition, know a lot of info so its hard to solve Fred's problem. Also, since they want to go to the Cubs world series game, they have to have enough money to buy a ticket.

Besides Mac's external conflict, the author did a great job in describing characters. For an example, when Staples meets Macs at his house, the way the author descirbes him makes him seem even more scarier.

There are many conflicts in the book some of them really make the characters standout. I think that there is no internal conflict in the book. The external conflicts of the book are Vince's betrayal, Mac's Money getting stolen and many more. All these conflicts makes the book a whole lot better.

I don't think there is any conflict either because he is just trying to figure out who the theft of his money is. It was either Vince or maybe Fred. So why would there be conflict in him? It's not like he's gonna steal "his" own money. Besides, that's one, impossible to steal your own money. And two, because it's Vince's money also.

At first, Mac thinks it's Vince because Tyrell got video of it. Staples was giving Vince money to apparently steal their money (meaning Vince and Mac's money). But later, Mac finds out that it was Fred because Fred said that Staples made him send messages on his Nintendo DS.

So I think there was no conflict either. I rest my case.

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