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External conflict

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Juliet Stempler An External conflict in the book Prom, is that Ashley isn't fit to live in that kind of neighborhood.
She isn't strong so she can't defend herself. She isn't book smart so she doesn't know how to take another route to stay away from bad kids. And she isn't street smart so she can't talk trash if she is trying to make someone get away.
Because she isn't fit to live in a bad neighborhood like the one she lives in she has a hard time living in it.

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Jordana Schwartz I agree with what you are saying. This is a external conflict. However, it could also be a internal conflict. For example, since she doesn't have the abilities to live in her neighborhood her self estimate would go down, which would be a internal conflict. Do you agree?

Juliet Stempler I don't agree with that because an external conflict is man vs. society and an internal conflict is man vs. himself. Ash is vs. the society because that is where she lives.But thank you for bringing up that point and I do understand what you mean. Any thoughts Jordana?

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