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Conflict in Things Not Seen

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Jamie Moss I just stared the book Things Not Seen, and it is already so good! I am on page 6, and I already see that is both internal and external conflict. The fact that Bobby is invisible. This is an internal conflict, because he can't figure out what is happening to himself and he is trying to deny it. It is an external conflict, because he has a hard time with his surroundings, and how others react to him. This is so cool that Andrew Clements is able to make such a unique topic really stand out!

Jamie Moss Another internal conflict, is that Bobby's mother is trying to make herself not believe whats happening. On page 5, "'Oh, God! Oh, God! It's Bobby! It's him! He's there! He's... he's not... Oh, God, David, do something!'' This shows that Bobby's mother is having a hard time believing if her son is actually there.

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