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Second Grave on the Left (Charley Davidson, #2)
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Angie (amgiammarino) Hello Grimlets! Today we will be recapping chapters 7-9, and posting chapters 10-12 on Wattpad.

You can find chapters 10-12 here:
We will be discussing these chapters on Friday, 12/11!

This thread is where you can discuss chapters 7-9, but be considerate of any newbies who are reading for the first time and keep your spoilers to a minimum!

Anyone who comments in this discussion is eligible to win one early copy of THE DIRT ON NINTH GRAVE!! Winners will be chosen on Friday, 12/11.

Chapter 7 picks up with Charley going to visit Warren Jacobs, Mimi's husband, in jail. Charley knows that he didn't kill Tommy Zapata, but as she questions him, he tells her that he did threaten Tommy because he thought Mimi might have been having an affair with him. He had seen the two together in public, having a fight that looked like a lovers' spat. That, coupled with the sudden changes in Mimi's behavior, caused Warren to believe that Mimi was cheating on him with Tommy. When Charley asks him how Mimi knew Tommy, Warren informs her that they went to high school together. Ding ding ding! Two people that went to high school with Mimi are now dead, and Mimi is missing. Even more interesting: Mimi refused to talk about what happened at her old high school in Ruiz that forced her to move in with her grandparents in Albuquerque.

Later, Charley is eating lunch at Calamity's when her father starts asking her vague-but-weird questions about how she's different. (For example: why everyone who tries to harm Charley ends up with a severed spinal cord.) Charley starts to assure him that she would never hurt anyone, when her evil stepmother and sister interrupt their conversation.

Back at Charley's apartment, Reyes appears, and Charley has some questions about his possible Antichrist status. Swopes knocks on the door and Reyes disappears again to sulk. Cookie, who has a major crush on Swopes, barges in and nearly dies when he sees her in her PJs. The three of them start chatting about Dead Trunk Guy. Apparently, Cookie's car belonged to a kindergarten teacher with a history of speeding tickets and DWIs. Is it possible she killed Dead Trunk Guy by accident and then stuffed him in the trunk? Charley asks Cookie if there are any updates on Mimi, and Cookie informs her that Mimi's old class rosters are en route. Then Cookie and Swopes head out and Charley does some demon research online. On a site by a "Mistress Marigold," she finds some helpful information, as well as a note that says "If you are the grim reaper, please contact me immediately." Hmmm.

The next morning, Charley wakes up to some intruders in her apartment. One head honcho with a gun, one dangerous looking colleague, and one massive bodyguard standing in front of the door. Nonplussed, Charley makes coffee before sitting down to chat with her new friends. Apparently, these "friends" are also looking for Mimi Jacobs, and want Charley to drop her investigation. Their conversation is interrupted by Cookie barging in and slamming directly into the massive body guard blocking the doorway.

After the men leave, Charley and Cookie head to the office, where Mimi's parents show up looking for Charley. Before Mimi disappeared, she told them that she made an awful mistake a long time ago and that she did something horrible. And now she feels as if she has to pay for it. Her parents also tell Charley that Mimi had a falling out with her best friend from high school, Janelle York, that caused Mimi to fall into a depression and move from Ruiz to Albuquerque. Additionally, another one of Mimi's classmates was found dead of apparent suicide. Charley is beginning to think that someone is tying up loose ends. And later, as Cookie is looking at the class roster, she realizes that Mimi went to school with Kyle Kirsch, a congressman who recently announced his plans to run for a seat in the US Senate.

Charley goes to visit Kim, Reyes's secret sister. Reyes and Kim have done their best to hide their relationship so they authorities won't know they are connected. Kim seems shattered by Reyes's disappearence, and utterly crushed by Charley's news that he wants to let his physical body die. Kim let's it slip that a US marshal has been to visit her in his quest to find Reyes, which has Charley wondering how the US marshal knows about Kim...

On the way back from Albuquerque, Cookie calls Charley to tell her that a girl disappeared from Mimi's high school -- Hana Insinga. "Hana" was part of Mimi's message in the ladies' room of the diner. Charley picks up Cookie and they go to visit Hana's mother, who doesn't have too much information for them about Hana. She snuck out one night and never came home. There are two odd things to report, however: ten years ago, the Insinga's began getting cash directly deposited into their bank account. The dates of the deposits correspond with the dates that Mimi was at home visiting her parents. But why would Mimi give the Insinga's $1000 in cash every month, unless she felt guilty about something? The second odd thing is that Kyle Kirsch's father, Sheriff Kirsch, was the lead investigator on Hana's missing persons case. Things are heating up!

Extra points for discussion:
1. Are you suspicious of Kim, Reyes's sister?
2. Any further theories on Dead Trunk Guy?
3. How do you think Mimi was involved with Hana's disappearance?
4. Can you picture Cookie and Swopes together?
5. Would you be as cool as Charley if you woke up and there were three strange men in your apartment, waiting for you?

Mordiallity | 13 comments 1. No, I really like Kim, she seems nice! I am just sad, that they went through such a horrible childhood!
2. Nope, none yet! ;)
3. I think Mimi was connected somehow, but I am not sure how.
4. Nope!! ;)
5. Not a chance, I would scream and probbably die of a heart attack!

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Angie Bee | 50 comments Disclaimer: Please note that all of my responses are based on when I first discovered this series.

1. I wasn't suspicious of Kim. I actually felt sorry for her. She seemed so shy and timid. So unlike her badass brother .

2. I had no theory on Dead Trunk Guy at the time.

3 . By chapter 8, I didn't know how Mimi was involved with Hana's disappearance. I do know that was one hell of a high school they all attended. And someone was tying up loose ends.

4. I actually pictured Charley and Swopes together; more so than, Swopes and Cookie.

5. I wouldn't have been as cool as Charley if I found three strange men in my apartment. I would scream my building down. Thank God I live in a Condo. LOL!

Linda Parish | 78 comments 1. No I'm not suspicious of Kim, I feel sorry for her. No family except Reyes, and no contact with him. No friends and a self imposed solitude, makes for a lonely life.
2. I think he's a rascal and perfectly aware of what he's doing when he shows up in Charlie's shower.
3. I'm thinking it was something illegal or cruel that would lead to that kind of fear and or guilt.
4. No I can't picture Cookie and Swoops togeather. I mean he appears to be attracted to Charlie not Cookie. That would make cookie second best and she deserves way better then that.
5. I would like to think I would but I can't lie. Not even to myself. So in all honesty I have to admit I would be scared ****less.

Angie (amgiammarino) Mordiallity wrote: "1. No, I really like Kim, she seems nice! I am just sad, that they went through such a horrible childhood!
2. Nope, none yet! ;)
3. I think Mimi was connected somehow, but I am not sure how.
4. Nop..."

Mordiallity, you win the ARC! Message me with your mailing address! :)

Mordiallity | 13 comments Really???
Thank you soooooooo much!!! :D :D :D

Shardallinee | 48 comments Congratulations Mordiallity!! <3 <3 :D

1. Are you suspicious of Kim, Reyes's sister?
Not really. I remember when I first read this book I liked her. She was a part of Reyes's life and I was hungry to find as much about him then as ever. And she seemed so afraid...

2. Any further theories on Dead Trunk Guy?
I just knew his story will be intriguing, that's for sure! ;)

3. How do you think Mimi was involved with Hana's disappearance?
However they were connected it must have been something pretty awful. I thought about someone tying loose ends as well.

4. Can you picture Cookie and Swopes together?
Nope. He's an eye candy, that's for sure, but Cookie's heart goes pitter-patter when she sees Reyes's picture too.... she needs love. And I'm happy to know that she does... in time. :D

5. Would you be as cool as Charley if you woke up and there were three strange men in your apartment, waiting for you?
I had the pleasure of thinking something was in my room at night as I woke up suddenly. I froze. Then asked politely (to the air, since all I saw was a shadow of my clothes on a hanger. But, really - it looked human to me at the time) who are they and what do they want. When no answer came I turned around and fell back to sleep. I still think the clothes were more afraid of me than I was of them. ;)

Mordiallity | 13 comments Thank you Shardallinee!! ;) :D <3

Linda Parish | 78 comments Congratulations Mordiallity

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Angie Bee | 50 comments Congrats Mordiallity Enjoy!!! :-)

Mordiallity | 13 comments Thank you!! :D

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