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Vicious (Villains, #1)
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Vicious > Part 1Chapters 13-24

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Lisa Boyd (librarylandlisa) | 74 comments Mod
Discussion on Chapters 13-24

Heather (ophelia109) | 19 comments Mod
It gets better - I struggled with the book (I almost posted in the other discussion board, but don't want spoilers.) Things are moving along and its not so disjointed as it was (I'm on Chapter 36 at this point). The flashbacks tend to not happen so sporadically - and there's a little more flow to the text. Still not sure about the whole EO thing. My husband asked if Eli was now able to become Wolverine - I said...maybe?

Laura | 26 comments Mod
Angie's role certainly makes more sense now. Not that her character elicited much of a response from this reader. It's interesting that Mitch decided on his own to stay with Victor, but it seems that Victor really does need him.

I am curious about Eli. Victor sees a darkness in Eli that isn't completely clear yet. Makes me wonder who is the hero and the villain. Or if it continues to get more complex than that.

Lisa Boyd (librarylandlisa) | 74 comments Mod
I am more into it too. I had to place post it markers to remind myself to stop reading and make a post here!

I can see where the issues may be stemming from with Eli and Victor's relationship since he pretty much killed Angie, even if it was not on purpose.

I am not really getting Sydney's relationship but I have a feeling that she is also an EO at this point but I do not know her power. It seems like Victor can gather pain and then inflict it onto other people.

I am also reading The Rose Society (Young Elites #2) by Marie Lu and the people in that book also have unique abilities so this is a magical week for me.

Lisa Boyd (librarylandlisa) | 74 comments Mod
I am hoping that it is unclear for a while and maybe leads us to decide who is who for ourselves. I would love to see some perspective from Eli but i do not think that this novel is long enough to involve another point of view or time frame.

Lisa Boyd (librarylandlisa) | 74 comments Mod
so thats how you get filled with a metal skeleton! LOL. I am enjoying this book more and I appreciate the pace and action.

Laura | 26 comments Mod
I tend to not read similar books at the same time or even consecutively. Glad your co-reading is enlightening and not confusing!

Lisa Boyd (librarylandlisa) | 74 comments Mod
One is set in a very distant time and one is more modern so they are easy to discern. I am a fantasy nut so it is easy for me to differentiate!
I have so many books I want to read once this semester ends and I am trying to get a head start.

Alyssa | 5 comments It certainly does seem to be picking up more by this point!

I wish there was more Angie so I felt more at the end of this section. In also curious about the glints of something darker that Victor sees in Eli, and I really hope that the book will continue that thread.

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Lisa Boyd (librarylandlisa) | 74 comments Mod
It seems to and you'll be pleased

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