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message 1: by Sam (new)

Sam Friedman (sam_ramirez) | 83 comments Hello,
I could use some thoughts on a book title. I completed a novel but I'm not sure if it's a great title. It's part of a series for kids.
The title I have now is "Ana Bradan in the Pooka's Lair." Each book in the series would have a similar title, for branding purposes. The tagline: In a world inspired by Irish mythology, an unpopular girl must save school bullies from someone she trusts, and his wicked pet." Not a great tag line, but I suck at these.
An alternate would be something like "Legend of Ana: The Prodigal Daughter", since the main character is a prodigy, though she doesn't know it yet.

One reader said keep the name, I have heard no other thoughts. If you have any, please share. Thanks in advance!

message 2: by Martin (new)

Martin Wilsey | 447 comments My only advice is to make sure it is unique on Amazon. It makes it easier to find and no awkward mistakes.

message 3: by Narayan (new)

Narayan Liu (narayanliu) | 28 comments I for one, think the title you have now really suits your demographic.

message 4: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Jensen (kdragon) | 468 comments I definitely like the first title better since it feels more kid friendly. The second title feels more YA appropriate than something that would be aimed at kids.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Narayan wrote: "I for one, think the title you have now really suits your demographic."

Agree completely. It sounds lovely and whimsical. I'd pick it up for a child.

message 6: by Joe (new)

Joe Jackson (shoelessauthor) First title seems better for kids, definitely. As far as a tagline, instead of saying "a world inspired by Irish mythology," you'd probably do better to use that mythology itself as the descriptor. I.e., "in a world of fae and magic," or something similar, depending on what facets of Irish mythology you use.

Good luck!

message 7: by J. Daniel, Lurking since 2015 (new)

J. Daniel Layfield (jdaniellayfield) | 94 comments Mod
"Prodigal" - I don't think it means what you think it means :)

I don't know if any definition related to being a prodigy.

message 8: by Sam (new)

Sam Friedman (sam_ramirez) | 83 comments Glad to hear my other beta reader was on the mark.

Joe- good point. My current line stinks. I'm great at writing stories, not so great with names and blurbs.

Daniel- I also forgot today in a game of Codebreakers that mars, not mercury, is the God of War. Ouch!

Thank you all!

message 9: by Elí (new)

Elí Freysson (eli_freysson) I agree that you should go with the first title. The other one has a more epic feel, not really suited to a typical children's series.

message 10: by Sam (new)

Sam Friedman (sam_ramirez) | 83 comments In case anyone's wondering, the story is fantasy, a combination of low- and epic, but with a horror element to it. Thus the name is supposed to invoke that element of fantasy and horror. All the titles will invoke that.

If anyone has kids who like to read, and they are willing to provide feedback, feel free to send me a private message.

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