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Good list to start with other "Alternative Histories".

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Rachel The alternate-history TV series The Man in the High Castle, loosely based on the 1962 Philip K. Dick novel of the same name, has become Amazon’s most-watched original series. The premise here is that the Axis powers won WWII and the U.S. has been split into the Greater Nazi Reich and the Pacific States. People live in fear and gloom (this may be the dimmest series ever filmed—and I felt grimy after each episode), and there is a resistance movement attempting to break free by smuggling films that show alternate realities. While the show really only keeps the basic plot of Dick’s book, the drama and mystery are there in full force.

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Tom I've seen the first episode a few times, but I haven't found time to continue with the show yet.

Edited to add: I saw the first season and thought it was good, if a bit slow in parts. Looking forward to next season.

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Dale Pearl Eric Flint's 1732 would be a nice one to see.

Jack Read Man In The High Castle and seen the show and I despise the show, love the book.
Check out Fatherland by Robert Harris. Pretty similar, it's about Nazis but no Japanese really.

Julian White I very much enjoyed the series - probably better than the book: I
think it made a lot more sense!

Illona Philip K Dick only wrote this one book, he never did finish the rest of the writing on this topic, the topic is heavy to research.

I much prefer the book to the TV shows, but it is usually better to watch the film before the book since my imagination is better.

As in the film Snowpiercer, it would have been nice to have had a different outcome.

Robin P A great series by Jo Walton, Farthing, Hapenny and Half a Crown, is about an England that made a peace treaty with Hitler as Nazis took over the rest of Europe.

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