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Mollie Mollie Dec 08, 2015 11:15AM
As the year is coming to an end, I wonder if I'll really finish my challenge. Sure, I challenged myself on goodreads to read 50 books, which I've done, but the challenge behind this challenge has yet to be met. The challenge, in actuality, consisted of 52 books (one entry being a trilogy).

In the beginning of the challenge, I had no problem starting a book. Now that I'm down to my final four, I have to think carefully about what I read. "A book your mom loves" has turned into a book my boyfriend's mom loves. I read "your mom" as not my mom fearing the book she loves is the Bible.

Now that I've harnessed the final titles for this challenge, I wonder if I'll have enough time for it. Starting a new job (8 hour work days v 7, 1 hour commute (on bike) v 6 minutes) and various other responsibilities that come with moving to a new city have thrown off my reading routine.

As the year comes to an end, I am thinking about the challenge I would like to try for next year; however, I wonder if it will prevent me reading for pleasure. It's not that I didn't enjoy reading what I did, but I wasn't able to read my guilty pleasure author and now I'm two books behind. If anyone has any suggestions, and or comments, to this predicament, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Perhaps you are in a situation like the quote, "Shoot for the stars and worst case you'll fall short and land on the moon," or whatever it is! You've read so much and surely gotten so much out of those books. Surely even if you don't reach the goal, despite the disappointment from that, it has already proven a worthwhile goal based on how much it inspired you to do.

Don't do it if it doesn't bring you joy. Joy in your heart or joy in obtaining knowledge. Plain and simple.

Mollie Thanks! I agree. Reading a book just to finish it, despite hating it, is a tragedy. I've too much to read and a lifetime to capture the good stuff. ...more
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