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Janine | 100 comments Mod
Please contribute your thoughts, views, opinions on Part 1 of The Finkler Question here.

Irene is leading the discussion this month - thanks so much, Irene! And apologies for the delay in getting the discussion started.

Irene | 545 comments What are your thoughts on Part 1?

Our three characters are quite different, yet they share a strong bond. What do you think of each of these men? Do you gravitate to one particular character? How would you describe their friendship?

Treslove's mugging does not seem particularly significant in the bigger skeem of urban crime, yet it causes him to question everything. Why is this mugging so significant? It comes immediately after sharing an evening of recollecting a younger self with his closest friends as he gazes at violins which represent his father and some childhood dream. It is done by a woman. And, he believes it is motivated by mistaken anti-semitism. What do you make of this three-fold set of factors? Is one of these more truly the precipitating factor than the others for his new questioning?

Do you find this story to be humorous or tragic?

Irene | 545 comments I am finding this is taking more conscentration than I want to give at this hectic time of year. The dialogue is so quick and smart. And, I think it is extremely funny.

Ginger Bensman (dispatchesfromamessydesk) This book has been slow-going for me. It's a book with central themes that require close attention (questions of identity, belonging, heritage, and friendship - ostensibly through the character of Julian Treslove and his obsessive inquiry into what it means to be Jewish). The voice is engaging and the prose is elegant and understated (almost flawless). Sometimes comical, more often thoughtful. I will definitely finish the book, but probably not before the end of the month. Great selection.

Irene | 545 comments Glad to read that you are enjoying it. I was wondering if anyone else had decided to read this month's selection.

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