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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. fantasy book where a widowed queen is taken to another world to marry a prince [s]

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message 1: by Amna (last edited Dec 07, 2015 08:33PM) (new)

Amna | 2 comments so this queen is recently widowed and some sorcerer comes and tells her there's another world she can go to since hers is shot to hell and there's people after her. but the catch is she has to marry the prince in the other world, who is in a lot of trouble. she gets there and it turns out the prince is poisoned/transformed somehow. she ends up being pregnant from her former husband and has the kid, and they pretend it's the (now married) couple's own kid. one of her maids ends up killing her child....uhhhhh
but then they somehow overthrow the dude making the prince crazy/poisoned and then he becomes normal and they are happy again
i read this over a decade ago...i would guess it was published between 1985-1997 based on when my sister was building her book collection. it was a paperback. i remember the evil maid's name beginning with M and the prince's name possibly beginning with a D.

message 2: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35167 comments Mod
The Time of the Dark (the first book of the Darwath series) by Barbara Hambly partially matches your description.

One Amazon reviewer says, "This book, first of four, concerns a young graduate student, Gil, who finds that her nightmares of people fleeing in panic from an almost-unseen, hideous evil, are not fantastic dreams: she is standing in the doorway to another world. Gil and Rudy, a biker-gang hanger-on who's in the wrong place at the wrong time, are reluctantly drawn into this other world where they must fight for their lives. Their new friends, including the warrior known as the Icefalcon, the wizard Ingold Inglorion, the newly-widowed Queen Minalde, and her infant son Altir, depend on the newcomers for the valuable information *they don't even know they possess.*"

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Michele | 47 comments I think it's Sorcerer's Legacy by Janny Wurts It's been a while but what I recall fits.

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Kris | 35167 comments Mod
Michele, I like your suggestion better. :)

One GR reviewer says of Sorcerer's Legacy: "...a heroine named Elienne who has recently been widowed when her husband, the Duke of Trathmere was killed in a war. Whilst languishing in the dungeons she is suddenly rescued by a Sorcerer named Ielond who hails from a distant land and is travelling through time trying to locate a wife for his ward, Prince Darion."

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M (miyu) | 66 comments I agree, the description fits Sorcerer's Legacy very well, I would have suggested it if I had remembered the title!

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Amna | 2 comments THAT'S IT!!!! Thank you all! The Sorcerer's Legacy will haunt me no more :D

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