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Ruby (rubyyy) Midsummer's Eve Potion

Pinch of hemlock,
Picked on Midsummer's Eve,
Handful of berries,
Green as a spring tree's leaf,
Nine heart shaped things,
To add love to the mix.
A few spicy herbs,
For some extra kicks.
And the last ingredient,
The most important of all,
One small, little, petal,
Picked from a bird's sweet call.

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Ruby (rubyyy)

F ur the color of the night,
The deepest, darkest night,
Fur the color of the moon's bright light,
A brilliant, beautiful, bright white light.

T wo tribes shall war,
From night until day,
Two tribes shall hate,
What the other has to say.

T his will last,
'Til the forests are gone,
Unless two odd cubs,
The brightest night born on.

O f the tribe of darkest blue,
Is born one cub of brightest hue,
Of the tribe of brightest hue,
Is born one cub of darkest blue.

E ach odd cub shall speak at last,
Each odd cub shall show the way,
Both must help,
The other's pack,
Both must die,
For the other's back.

Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 1219 comments Mod
Beautiful <3

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Ruby (rubyyy) Thanks!

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