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Internal Conflict, External

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Josh Fader I think that internal and external conflict played a huge role throughout "The Giver". I think that the internal conflict was Jonas wondering if there really was something besides the communities and if there really was something like the Giver told him about.(Birthdays, love, music) Also, I think the external conflict was man vs. society because after Jonas heard about all the dark secrets and truths of the community, he wanted to rebel and change the communities. Any thoughts?

Izzy I agree with that entirely. I feel like the internal conflict played the biggest role in any other book that I've read. I think that Jonas's actions were based on what the internal conflict was (which was knowing that there was more to life than what they were given), and that lead to the big major external conflict.

Josh Fader Yes, I think that it was well thought of by Lois Lowry and I think the internal and external conflict is one of the reasons in which made this book so interesting and a famous book.

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