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Here we are

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Yay! I'll post the plot once more just for a reference:

Doubles Supernatural Roleplay

Twins, But which one is who?

Dean and Sam are on the move, and Castiel is with them, Castiel has twin sisters, twin sisters, unknown to anyone now besides Dean and Sam.

Dean and Sam are on the move to catch a demon, a powerful demon, and they don't think they could make it through the journey without Castiel, but what happens when Castiel summons his sisters? Dean has somehow fallen for Girl A, the eldest twin, and Sam has somehow fallen for Girl B, the youngest twin, they're the same age as Sam, but only one has feelings for the quiet, cute, handsome man. Girl B is rather like Dean, while Girl A is rather like Sam, so as they say opposites attract right? Girl A and B are inseparable, nothing will draw one another away from the other. Girl A and Girl B are suddenly kidnapped day on the journey, straight from the arms of they're best friends, or well sorta lovers.

Will Sam and Dean have the heart to keep Castiel and his sisters on the journey?
Will Sam and Dean have the guts to ask out the girls?
What will happen when both girls are kidnapped?


- Doubles
- MxF
- I'm Girl B and Dean
- Your Girl A and Sam
- Romance
- Activity
- Patience
- Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary, and Capitalization
- When not talking in post use: (( ))
- Have any questions for me? Ask me through PM

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So as for characters, who should we use for the girls?

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Not sure actually.

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How about Lily Collins?

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Pardon my ignorance, but im not sure who that is lol

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Have you ever heard of Mortal Instruments!

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*? Not !

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Never had a chamce to read the books or watch however many movies they have now lol

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So now moving onto Last name, what should the twins last names be?

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