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The Notebook (The Notebook, #1)
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The Notebook

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message 1: by Chris (new)

Chris | 8 comments Category: this book goes into the ramance gene.

Rating: I would give this book ***** 5 stars I loved it!!

Dates read: November 14th- December 2nd

Summary: this book takes place in a assisted living home with a man named Noah, and the girl he loves who sadly has developed the disease of Alzheimer's and cannot remember him or their story, so he reads her the notebook hoping one day she'll remember and they will be in love once again. They met at a carnival one summer when they were both 15, they spent everyday together and fell Madly in love, until the end of the summer and ally had to leave and they split up, then Noah worked hard at a lumber yard, and went to war, then 30 years later around when he was in his thirtys, Allie came back out of the blue to come see him but she was engaged to a man named Lon, they spent two days together and fell back in love, and they made love that weekend, then the next day allies mother came to Noah's house and told her Lon found out and was coming to find her, and Allie had to say goodbye and that was the last they saw each other tell they lived in the same old folks home.

Personal response: I abosultely loved this book it was amazing it made you feel like you were there every step of the way, it really put you in the action and even touched your heart for pour noah.

message 2: by Kaden (new)

Kaden Runnels | 8 comments AUDIO BOOK
Rate: ****
Author Nicholas Sparks

This book is about a boy named Noah, and this girl that he met when they were 15 at a carnival. They were together everyday that summer until she had to leave back home. As time went on they didn't see each other again until 30 years after they first met but now ally was engaged. They fell back in love that weekend, but her soon-to-be husband wasn't happy about it, and he took her and left. Then they didn't see each other again until they ended up at the same retirement home. There she has Alzheimer's and doesn't remember anything about Noah, so he reads her notebook to try to get her to remember.

I am not too fond of this book because i'm not into romantic books, but if you are somebody who is i would defiantly read this book but if not i wouldn't.

message 3: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Price (SnazzyPickle) | 6 comments Title: The Notebook
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Rating: *****
I listened to this as an audio book.

The notebook is about a man named Noah. He met a girl named ally one day when they both were 15. On the first day they both were extremely attracted to one another. They spent a lot of time together and over time fell in love. Sadly one day she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease which makes the person forget things about them and their past. Noah wants her to remember everything that happened so he tries to get her to remember by reading the notebook to her. They split up and ally eventually gets engaged with another man. When they meet back up they fall in love with each other again. After that they didn't see each other until they ended up in the same old folks home.

I have never read, or listened to a romance book before. I have to say I really enjoyed it. This book makes me want to read more romance books actually. I never thought I would even enjoy them at all. I recommend this book to anyone, if you have read a romance before or not.

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