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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Rom-Com/Chick-lit about two people who become godparents to a child [s]

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Sarah | 3 comments So approx 4 or 5 years ago a read a laugh out loud kind of book with a romantic side. A little girl's parents died in an accident (plane or car) and they had each chosen a legal guardian (godparent) to take care of their daughter. If I'm not mistaken, the godparents had never met, or maybe once and they have to try to get along for the child's sake. They end up together at the end where she goes after him and they meet at an outdoor even (a party for his work I believe, not sure).

There is a movie with a very similar plot which makes looking for this title very difficult as only the movie pops up (Life as we know it).
It was a hard cover book and I believe it was white with a baby carriage on the cover, but I am really unsure about that!

Please help!

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Sarah | 3 comments This seems very similar, but this one was published in 2013. The one I'm looking for would've been older! But thank you, I have a place to start! :)

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Sarah | 3 comments SOLVED!! Oh my goodness, it's called Family Trust, from the author of legally blond! Thank you so much Juels, with the description I was able to find it!

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Juels | 2427 comments Congrats!

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Kris | 34474 comments Mod
Here's the link - Family Trust by Amanda Brown.

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