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Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments Name: Daliah Tario
Age: 21

Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments No biggie, so you wanna start where he spots her somewhere?

Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments It was early in the morning, and due to weird dreams, Daliah had another restless night of sleep. She didn't sleep well, ever. She messed with the necklace around her neck that she had worn since she moved out while waiting in line for her coffee. It was small and simple, but she knew of the great power it held, though she hardly used it. Then it was her turn to order her coffee, she ordered the usual, a white chocolate latte with extra whipped cream.

Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments Daliah smiled as she was handed her drink, she loved the warm feeling she got inside when she took a sip in the cool December weather. She pulled her jacket in tighter and tipped the cashier then sighed, deciding to sit at a table. The cafe was rather small, but that's what she liked about it, not too much business, so it was relatively quite. Tables and chairs were evenly distributed throughout the small building and it all sat nicely.

Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments Daliah gasped and quickly tucked her foot in, "Oh my goodness!!! Are you okay!?" She asked and quickly stood up to see how she could help. "I am so sorry!! Let me help." She said and picked up the napkins and a pen or two that had fallen out of his pocket.

Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments Shaking her head, Daliah sighed, "Of course I would cause this, just my luck." She said and went to get more napkins, "Again sir, I am so sorry." She said. When they finally had everything cleaned up she stood and brushed herself off, "Let me buy you a new drink, what did you have?" She asked

Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments "No, no, no. I'm buying you another drink." She insisted, "The name is Daliah, and yours?" she asked, pulling out her wallet and getting back in line. She looked him and scanned his choice of suit, he was dressed rather nicely and was surprised he wasn't rude or snobby

Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments Daliah couldn't help but let out a little giggle, "You mean like the Disney princess? With the red hair and fish tail?" she teased and laughed, "Alright, I'm done, no more jokes." She said and ran her fingers through her hair, casually stepping back in line.

Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments Daliah sighed, "Fine, but I'm not happy about that." she said and gestured for him to sit in the seat infront of her, "Care to atleast join me for a nice conversation?" She asked, sitting down, glancing at her watch, she had at least an hour before her class started.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments "I've got about an hour to kill." She chuckled, "So tell me about yourself, where are you from?" Salish asked. The way Ariel spoke was just a little off, not too noticeable but she caught it.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments Daliah gave a small laugh, "Here." She said, "Born, raised, and never been anywhere else, not even to visit or for any special trips or vacation or anything. Just here." She said and stirred her latte. "How long have you lived here?"

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Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments "So you're an engineer?" She asked then took a sip, "Then you must be damn good at your job if you get to travel the world." Daliah smiled and shook her head, "Here." She said and pushed the latte towards him, seeing him looking at it, "Either take that one, or the one I'm buying for myself!" She said, finding a loophole.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments Daliah watched him take a sip of her drink and laughed, "Not a coffee fan?" She asked then ordered a hot chocolate, getting it handed to her in a matter of seconds. Daliah say herself back at the table and swapped their cups, "There." She smiled.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments She smiled, "I did, you just wouldn't let me!" Daliah said then sat down at the table, "Currently in school, but I do have a job at the library, though minimum wage is barely enough for food." She said and shrugged, "Since you're always travelling, I take it you don't have a place you really call home huh?"

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Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments Daliah nodded and her phone rang after he finished talking and she looked down at it. Another totally random call. She ignored it then noticed the time, "I'm so sorry Ariel, but it is time that I head to class... You enjoy your hot chocolate and maybe we will bump into eachother again." She said, grabbing her things and standing up.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments Daliah blushed slightly then gave a single nod, "Alright, thanks." She said and bit her lip, heading out of the shop with the rest of her things and her latte. She took a sip, finishing it and tossed it in the trash as she headed back to her car. After climbing in, she headed off to school.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 27 comments ((Should we skip to the next time they meet?))

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