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Harry Potter Comparisons - SPOILER THREAD!!!

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Kressel Housman Robin = Harry Potter. She’s got a dark past, exceptional talent, a thirst to prove herself, and when she’s feeling insecure, she makes a dangerous and impulsive move. And now, she’s also got a scar.

Cormoran Strike = Dumbledore. He’s rougher around the edges, but he’s the more experienced leader who can pull out a stunning resolution at the very last minute.

Matthew = the Dursleys. He can’t accept Robin for what she is. The analogy falters a little, though, because Robin returns to Matt willingly while Strike thinks she’s making a mistake.

The Villain = Barty Crouch, Jr. for using Polyjuice Potion/identity theft and Peter Pettigrew for hiding in plain sight.

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Pedro Palhano It's funny your comparation between Potter/Robin and Dumbledore/Cormoran because I always feel there is a huge diference of age between the two detectives.

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Kressel Housman To me the coolest part was about the villains' means of carrying out the crimes. They're all about disguised identities. Wizards can use Polyjuice Potion and animagus spells, but in the Muggle world, there's identity theft or even lower-level deceptions, like pretending to be someone you're not online. She made the observation about the "real world" in the course of the book.

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