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Thief's Magic (Millennium’s Rule, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy, two storylines; Male student of a magic university finds sentient book; Young woman trying to hide her magic in a town with magic outlawed [s]

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Song | 2 comments Thief's Magic (Millennium’s Rule, #1) by Trudi Canavan

Fantasy book, read about a year ago as audiobook. Can't find it in my browser history anymore though. :(

Book is first part of a series (at the time only one released, I think). In its setting, use of magic leaves behind black smoke.

One storyline is about a young student of a magic university who on an expedition finds a sentient book. Book was once a woman and can read thoughts and memories of whoever holds her.

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Second storyline is about a young woman from an respected and wealthy family who can do magic but must hide it because in her town it is outlawed, except for priests.

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Anything I forgot?

Thanks in advance!

Song | 2 comments rivka wrote: "Possibly Thief's Magic, from the Millennium’s Rule series?"

Yes! That's it. Cheers! :D

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rivka | 303 comments :)

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