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The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden, #1)
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Gine Bugge Sande | 62 comments We are about 30% in (at least that's what I think). How do you like the book so far? Do you like the characters? Something else you want to add?

Gine Bugge Sande | 62 comments Yes, i do like the characters. Maybe Allie (? - can't remember her name) is a bit naive, but there isn't everyday you turn into a vampire... In the beginning I loved Kanin and thought that he would be a love interest, but I'm not so sure anymore. Don't get me wrong, I still like him, but I feel like this is heading towards something else. Also I really liked the guy following them. He brought some action and mystery to the story.

Felt like this part was a bit more boring than the second (at least in the first half of this part). When I say boring I don't mean boring... It was just that in the first part I was really intrigued and couldn't stop reading. Now I didn't feel exactly that way anymore. But still, the couple of last chapters in part 2 was pretty intense and cool

Andrea | 55 comments The story is looking up and i'm getting more interested. I'm thinking Kanin isn't going to be as big a part of the story as i thought he would, but idk. Tbh, i dont care THAT much, cus there hasnt been a lot of sexual tension between them, maybe he'll be more like a brother or maybe they will never see each other again(lol probably not), but many things can happen in 300 pages....

Annabel | 19 comments *sigh* I kind of liked Kanin, but OKAY then.

Annabel | 19 comments Fuck, that was not supposed to happen..
Back to the book: I like Allie alot too, but she got less sassy in this part. I do think Kanin is likeable, but he is.. oldfashioned maybe? Something in him is obviously older, so I don't see them as a couple.
I see the escape as a perfect opertunity for a further development in both character and plot.
The story is triggering my interest.

I think I would've given it 4 stars so far.

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