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The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden, #1)
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Gine Bugge Sande | 62 comments We have officially started this months read. How´s the book so far? Do you like the main character? Is the book the way you expected?

Gine Bugge Sande | 62 comments Omg. That went so fast! I was supposed to just read a bit from this book, but ended up reading the first part. Whoops. I seriously had no idea what this book was about. The only thing I knew was that it was supposed to have vampires in it. I don't really feel like I know our main character, but the book has just started! I mean, that ending...ahhh. So good. I think this will be a really entertaining book. Let the fun begin!

Annabel | 19 comments I like how strong and brave Allie is already now. I'm sensing badass all the way. I'm getting this Walking Dead feeling by now, but that might have something to do with the rabids. I guess we will have a very different view on it when she becomes a vampire (we don't know if she will become a vampire, but I mean, the possibility is quite big..)
To bad Lucas died, we lost him way to soon. But he is probably replaced by a handsome vampire(:0) So far I might've given it 4.5. Who am I kidding, I'm actually feeling a 5 star.

Andrea | 55 comments The book is fine, I like the concept and how the world has become. I dont feel like I know Allie, but so far she seems sassy and badass, but there is something about her and the book, basically, that I'm not loving, but that will probably change when we get more into the story.

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