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What factors enable Mortenson to develop trust, first with the korphe vallagers and later with other pakistanis?
Ralph Jean Ralph Dec 06, 2015 12:47PM
When Mortenson arrives in Korphe, he is weak and disoriented, so the villagers view him sympathetically rather than as a threat. Since they have a tradition of helping strangers, they take care of him, and Mortenson responds with gratitude. Also, because of his background especially his boyhood experience of growing up in a different culture Mortenson deos not judge them and is very open to understanding their ways. He is eager to repay their hospitality, and his medical skills enable him to contributeto the community. Having recently lost his beloved sister, Mortenson is attracted to the close relationships among the villagers, as well to the fatherly kindnessof Haji Ali, so he begins to feel that Korpheis like a second home. His desire to helpthe villagers is so strong that they believe his promise to return, even though no other westerners have tried to help them.

You are aware a lot of this book has been debunked as either exaggeration or outright imagination?

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