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Lisa Boyd (librarylandlisa) | 74 comments Mod
Okay, to best accommodate an online discussion I think we can cut it into chunks to save the surprises for anyone not at a certain point in the story. Please post any discussion relating to chapters 1-10 below

Lisa Boyd (librarylandlisa) | 74 comments Mod
Okay, I jus finished the first 12 chapters and am trying to come to terms with what is actually happening/has happened. I get that they are trying to dig in a cemetery and bring a body back to life, but I have no idea why Victor and Eli had a problem and why Victor got arrested. The whole love interest thing between Eli and Angie does not do too much for me, hopefully it is not a waste of time just building the grounds of resentment between the two main characters.

Next issue I have, near death near suicide on purpose to evoke super powers? I really hope that there is more to it.

The positive thing is that I flew through these first 63 pages and I want to read more! The pace of this book as well as the way it writes about the past and the present together makes it like a mystery and I like this! I am enjoying the book so far.

What do you think?

Heather (ophelia109) | 19 comments Mod
I also had a tough time with this first part of the book - it seems to be establishing a lot of background - showing what is present and then going back to what lead up to it. I think the flashbacks can be a little excessive in the first part of the book. The Eli and Angie romance I think is just a way to provide another point of resentment towards Eli from victor.

The pace is good - which makes me forgive the disjointed nature at the beginning of the book.

The whole EO thing also has thrown me off - and yeah, killing yourself/having that near death experience to gain them...not sure how I feel about that yet.

Lisa Boyd (librarylandlisa) | 74 comments Mod
Glad to hear I'm not alone on these feelings. The past is fast so hopefully the story will grasp me as i pace merrily along. (Can you tell someone has been wrapping Christmas gifts?)

Laura | 26 comments Mod
The pace is definitely what is holding my attention. I admit, I read too far before realizing I'd bypassed the first discussion stopping point. I like the premise, but it feels a bit thin as far as neglected detail. Not much science or even pseudo-science is offered to support the EO via near death experience.

Angie really doesn't have much to offer the plot, at least so far. And of course, we don't quite know what Sydney's and Mitch's roles will be. The appearance of Sydney intrigues me, but her character isn't very compelling yet. I am skeptical that all the holes will be satisfactorily filled before the end.

Lisa Boyd (librarylandlisa) | 74 comments Mod
I really really liked A Darker Shade of Magic by Schwab and I feel like this book is not even the same author. Sorry guys :( I really hope it pays off by the end... at least it is a quick one!

Alyssa | 5 comments Whoops, I read a little too far before I stopped to discuss!

I'm enjoying the pacing, but the flashbacks are a bit grating, but... I'm not entirely sure how I can hold both opinions at the same time.

I feel like the EO thesis deserves a little more backstory/explanation because the reveal of Eli's thesis is class is explained as something that everyone reacts to and I just wasn't sure what they meant.

I actually like the premise of suicidal near-death experiences as an attempt to gain EO powers, but... I'm hoping that it fails or there is some sort of twist that comes out. We'll see!

Lisa Boyd (librarylandlisa) | 74 comments Mod
Lisa Boyd I had to put post-it notes in each section to stop at since I kept reading too far. It is a fast paced book!
I agree the flash backs kind of annoyed me too, but it gets better ;)

Alyssa wrote: "Whoops, I read a little too far before I stopped to discuss!

I'm enjoying the pacing, but the flashbacks are a bit grating, but... I'm not entirely sure how I can hold both opinions at the same ti..."

Amber I really enjoyed that the chapters bounced back and forth between today and 10 years ago. I thought it was an interesting way to build the story and explain what was happening, while creating enough suspense to keep the reader turning the pages. I also thought it was an interesting way to get to know the characters, especially since the personalities of Eli and Victor seemed to have changed so drastically.

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