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Savannah (vannah18) | 1261 comments Mod
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Grace Meredith (koreantrash) EHMAHGERD this book was so sad! I thought it was surprising that religion never crossed Mia's mind, though.

Haley Hunsucker (itishales) | 57 comments Mod
I loved this book and the movie! I thought the book was well written, and it balances the delicate situation nicely.

Grace Meredith (koreantrash) Haley wrote: "I loved this book and the movie! I thought the book was well written, and it balances the delicate situation nicely."

It does, but still, don't you think she would have thought a little more about what awaited her in the afterlife? I'm not saying she HAD to believe in something, but shouldn't something have occurred to her?

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Savannah (vannah18) | 1261 comments Mod
I haven't read the book yet, but I've read stories kinda with the same basis, and sometimes if someone wasn't raised with it, it wouldn't be a thought of there's. Or maybe she stopped believing because of what happened and felt there was nothing to believe in because of what was happening. Or there's always the chance isn't religious and thought nothing of it, by not putting that contemplation in there.

Cassie | 18 comments I think that religion wasn't a thing that the author was going for, and I know it is usually a thing that people think about, but Mia wasn't really raised in a type of household where religion was important. I think that author was just focusing on the choice that Mia has to make by either going with her family and not having to live without them, or staying with the love of her life , living her life , and continuing on with her goals.

Katy H (the_other_katy) | 223 comments I read this awhile ago (okay it was only August 2014) and I remember being really invested in it. "Stay, Mia, stay! There's so much you've got going for you. Please, don't give up on yourself." I remember her confusion and torment. (view spoiler) I recall reading into all hours because I couldn't rest without knowing what happened to Mia. Would she stay? Would she willingly choose physical and emotitional pain, loss and ultimately life or would she take her chances, roll the dice, and choose death, hoping to be reunited with her deceased family members?

It is interesting that there was little in the way of religion in this book, particularly given the subject matter, but I suspect that was intentional on Gayle Forman's part. It certainly makes you think a bit more doesn't it?(view spoiler)

Personally, while I thought it was riveting to read, I was disappointed with the conclusion. Perhaps the follow-up book would have made me happy, but somehow I doubt it and that makes me sad too.

Cassie | 18 comments I haven't brought myself to read the 2nd book either. I did like how the book ended though. Why were you disappointed? (view spoiler)

Katy H (the_other_katy) | 223 comments (view spoiler) That just seemed stupid to me and I do agree that it was a lot of build-up for a very abrupt ending.

Grace Meredith (koreantrash) Definitely agree about the ending. But the scene where Adam puts his headphones over Mia's ears and plays the cello... *sob* I cried hysterically.

Debbie I really loved this book. I have to admit I didn't go into it with high hopes of enjoying it. I thought it would be shallow and sappy but it was neither. It's powerful and heartbreaking. It's got well defined characters that you can't help but become invested in. I thought the ending was abrupt but only because I wasn't quite ready for it to end.

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